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Jehovah`s Witness/I see the butter knifes are out for you!!


Hi my dear Bro

Agape love to you

I notice the old opposition butter knifes have been brandished on the board recently particularly against you.

Same old, same old with these ones. Character attacks against you, efforts to discredit our dear brothers on the governing body and our dear brothers of old such as Bro Rutherford, horror of horrors he drove a rolls royce!! Seriously I've heard some catastrophically poor arguments from these one's over the years , but that one really takes the chocolate digestive.

It just so happens I'm not overly keen on the rolls royce myself , but the 2012 escalade that's a nice motor a seriously nice motor and the 2013's meant to be even better from what I hear!!

But without digressing Bro you continue what you're doing here. You provide me with much encouragement and it's clear to me you're very zealous for Jehovah and a great bible student.It's lovely to see.

Speak soon

Bro DW

P.S Coming to New York in April ,gonna visit, Brooklyn, Walkhill and Patterson. So maybe we'll bump into each other.

Agape' my brother much love for you as well.

Yeah maybe will ,As far as the knives they are not sharp enough to cut hot butter.

Prince Rutherford at the time they are talking about was sick and near death in San Diego mainly from being locked up falsely and he never recovered,as far as his vehicles many brothers are independently wealthy before becoming a witness,we are not like the TV Evangelists who get rich shamelessly of the backs of the poor working man,I or no one else has become rich of the Watchtower donations.

But you'll see a thread where Sal pretended to be one of my readers and really angered me as he directed my attention to Derrick Hollands comments about his mother.

I know he hates witnesses but to come on a public forum and portray his own witness mother as a whore is a new low even for him.

I had to respond and set the record straight.

As always you are my brother DW love for you.



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