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These prophecy have not come true. How do JW explain this. I am not trying to waste your time or trip you up I would genuinely love to believe this prophecy.
Destruction of Tyre -- Ezekiel 26:7-14

In this block of text God states quite blatantly that Nebuchadnezzar would sack and destroy completely the city of Tyre. However the events given in this passage never did come to pass. After a 13 year siege Nebuchadnezzar withdrew his forces. Tyre survived quite prosperously after that for another 240 years until it was done away with by Alexander the Great.

Destruction of Egypt

Ezekiel 29:8-12

This passage is one of the most erroneous in the entire Bible. Egypt has never been a desolate waste, there has never been a time when people have not walked through it, there has never been a period of forty years when Egypt was uninhabited, and it has never been surrounded by other desolate countries.

In Ezekiel 30:10-11 he further predicts that Nebuchadnezzar will destroy Egypt:

However, Nebuchadnezzar was defeated in his only attempt to invade Egypt.

Ezekiel 30:12 continues with a prediction that the Nile River will run dry



Divinely inspired prophecy was fulfilled upon the ancient city of Tyre, rightly called “the Queen of the Sea.”

According to the Jewish historian Josephus, the Babylonian siege of Tyre lasted 13 years. (Josephus, Against Apion, Book I, Chapter 21) History does not record how effective Nebuchadnezzar’s efforts were, although the loss of Tyrian property and lives must have been great.

A later prophetic pronouncement through Zechariah indicated that God would destroy the city completely. (Zechariah 9:3, 4) This prophecy was fulfilled nearly 200 years after it was given.

By then those living in the nearby island city of Tyre felt secure behind its formidable walls. However, in 332 B.C.E., the forces of Alexander the Great overthrew that island city, using debris from mainland Tyre to build a causeway leading to the island. Since then this artificial peninsula has been enlarged by sand deposited there by the water. Moreover, in the present seaport village, fishermen can be seen drying their nets—another fulfillment of prophecy.

A 19th-century traveler commented on what was left of ancient Tyre in his day, saying: “Of the original Tyre known to Solomon and the prophets of Israel, not a vestige remains except in its rock-cut sepulchres on the mountain sides, and in foundation walls . . . Even the island, which Alexander the Great, in his siege of the city, converted into a cape by filling up the water between it and the mainland, contains no distinguishable relics of an earlier period than that of the Crusades.

The modern town, all of which is comparatively new, occupies the northern half of what was once the island, while nearly all the remainder of the surface is covered with undistinguishable ruins.”



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After the destruction of Jerusalem in 607 B.C.E., the remnant of Judah fled to Egypt despite the prophet Jeremiah’s warning. (Jeremiah 24:1, 8-10; 42:7-22) That did not prove to be an escape for them because Nebuchadnezzar came up against Egypt and conquered it. The 40-year desolation of Egypt may have followed that conquest. While secular history provides no evidence of this desolation, we are confident that it took place because Jehovah is the Fulfiller of prophecy.—Isaiah 55:11.


According to Jehovah’s prophecy already pronounced by Jeremiah (25:17-19). Egypt’s downfall began with its decisive defeat at Carchemish on the Euphrates River by the Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar as crown prince in 625 B.C.E., an event described at Jeremiah 46:2-10 as well as in a BABYLONIAN CHRONICLE

Nebuchadnezzar, now king of Babylon, next took over Syria and Palestine, and Judah became a vassal state of Babylon. (2Ki 24:1) Egypt made one last attempt to remain a power in Asia. A military force of Pharaoh (his name is not mentioned in the Bible) came out of Egypt in answer to King Zedekiah’s request for military support in his revolt against Babylon in 609-607 B.C.E. Producing only a temporary lifting of the Babylonian siege, Egypt’s troops were forced to withdraw, and Jerusalem was left to destruction.—Jer 37:5-7; Eze 17:15-18.

Despite vigorous warning by Jeremiah (Jer 42:7-22), the remnant of Judah’s population fled to Egypt as a sanctuary, evidently joining Jews already in that land. (Jer 24:1, 8-10)
Places specifically mentioned where they took up dwelling are Tahpanhes, apparently a fortress city in the Delta region (Jer 43:7-9); Migdol (Nu 33:7, 8); and Noph, considered to be the same as Memphis, an early capital in Lower Egypt (Jer 44:1; Eze 30:13). Thus, “the language of Canaan” (evidently Hebrew) was now being spoken in Egypt by these refugees. (Isa 19:18)
Foolishly they renewed in Egypt the very idolatrous practices that had brought Jehovah’s judgment against Judah. (Jer 44:2-25) But the fulfillment of Jehovah’s prophecies caught up with the Israelite refugees when Nebuchadnezzar marched against Egypt and CONQUERED the land.—Jer 43:8-13; 46:13-26.

One BABYLONIAN TEXT, dated to Nebuchadnezzar’s 37th year (588 B.C.E.), has been found that mentions a campaign against Egypt. Whether it relates to the original CONQUEST or merely to a subsequent military action cannot be said. At any rate, Nebuchadnezzar received Egypt’s wealth as his pay for military service rendered in Jehovah’s execution of judgment against Tyre, an opposer of God’s people.—Eze 29:18-20; 30:10-12.


The land of Egypt depended a great deal on the waters of the river Nile,so figuratively speaking; If the waters of Egypt’s deified Nile River were an obstacle to His people GOD would treat them AS IF they had dried up. The Most High God has more authority than the diety of the river nile.


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