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Let me run this by you ,in heaven we have Charles Russell , Frederick Franz ,Carey Barber ,George Gangas ,Milton Henschel,Nathan Knorr, Albert Schroeder. and the Judge Joseph Rutherford ,when I read what you said that it didn't mean no one would ever know the date I thought about these witnesses,these brothers walked the steps of the world headquarters and like us wanted to know about the end,could it be since they are in heaven they know the date,is the date such a secret the the Kings and Priests are not privy to the knowledge of the end? If so would they not endeavor to somehow reveal that knowledge to the ones who are where they used to serve God ,Just a thought.

What are your thoughts?

Agape' Brother Steward and welcome

I wish you made this private instead of public,I have the ability to change a private into public but not vice versa.

Since you are a brother I didn't want to reject this or just send a "thank you" which is in itself a rejection.

I cant comment on this ,I'm sorry brother

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