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Have to make the quick. Spent lots of time with Daryl today on this post.

I have a few brief comments surrounding your 'revision' and personal attacks.

1. The Name Jehovah is not even the Name of God accurately that is established in your own encyclopedias I know this for a fact as it has been read to me by one of my JW friends.

2. Your opinion concerning the 'restoration' of Jehovahs name back to the scripture is simply that your opinion. If this makes you feel good then so be it. Such as establishing Micheals identity as Jesus you have failed to scholatically prove your case in this revision concerning Gods name as well. Like most things the NWT renders Gods name appears as a matter of assumption not proper translation. It is a shining example of how scripture should not be translated since it is dishonest. While you are putting to the Christian you should do yourself and your readers a favor and read Martin Luthers paper on the ineffible name of God. Or Unpronouceable name of God. According to one source I read long ago, the pronunciation of Gods name was lost before the time of Christ so even if it was written in the manuscripts of the OT it was pronouced Adonai as it is today. If you have a Tanakah on hand you would know this.

3. I had no idea that historical facts and scripture were taught by WT as doctrine of demons. Well what can be expected from Satan but lies. Your arrows friend are as dull and worthless as the quiver you draw from.

All I have done is point out scripture and prove you mistaken on every single point. To be fair you have provided some 'scholars' names that 'seem' to agree with your apostate bible. For now I must let it ride. I however will in time find them and test them as to what is actually approved and what is not.

Jehovahs Witness is a false religion. It is a cult that teaches the lies of the enemy. It bites at the heals of men as does a serpent. The word of God was sent to crush the serpents head and by his word friend that is what God has done by his word here in our conversation. I hope you or another confused JW reading this will be convicted by the Holy Spirit, and come to know Christ as their personal lord and saviour. That will be the victory here not winning some stupid arguement.  

4. You would be correct in saying that I am 'stupid', and a 'loser' if it were not for Christ. So like Paul my boast is in him. I wear your insults like a badge, since Satan hates the people of God. Satan however has no dominion of us. We are freed by the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Praise be to God.

You can bristle up all you like ,you are the one who started this thing ,the fact is you are dealing with Hebrew and Greek scholars in Rev Murphy and myself ,you are out of your league,you are a Junior varsity trying to hit a 100 mile fast ball in the big leagues.

"The Name Jehovah is not even the Name of God accurately that is established in your own encyclopedias I know this for a fact as it has been read to me by one of my JW friends"

But I noticed to didn't mention the consonants are YHWH just that his name is not Jehovah,you act as if the NWT is the only translation where Jehovah is in the if so then yeah youre dumb:

King James Version
That men may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, art the most high over all the earth.  

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