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Thanks for your responce.

1. It seems our correspondence is getting more about you insulting me then is based on any thing else. You hate me, and I get it. Generally that happens when people run clean out of excuses and support for their false teachings. I have lots of experience with these kind of dealings and your comments are text book.  

2. You seem to think that your claim of being a 'scholar' means something to me. It's like you think this should scare me. What have you said or done in our conversation that would warrent my respect as a Laymen? Let me recap your hard hitting evidence;

a. Nature of Christ.  I asked you to provide ONE passage verbatum as evidence that states Acrh Angel Micheal is Jesus. Could you? NO. No suprise here. This is where you failed your org 'scholar'. Or better yet its where your Org failed you.

Your responce was classic JW, 'The Trinity is not found in scripture either', Which had absolutely no bearing on what I asked of you. It was a childish responce not one a true Scholar would ever resort to.

Then you provided a few passages from Daniel where Micheal is mensioned, and revelation with out providing any connection between Christ and Micheal other then WT assumption. In despiration you resorted to 2 Thess, lending heavily upon scriptural rending 'voice of the Arch Angel'. Which is rendered with much ambiguity and is not denotative enough to make the connection you so despirately grasp at.

You destroyed your own position by failing to show one direct scriptural connection either verbatum or other. You relied entirely upon your WT training to do it for you. You are correct in saying that I am over my head in dealing with real Scholars. If you were really a Scholar I may have something to worry about. Your responces warrent no such respect from me. Imagine how much worse it could be for you and the WT if I were a actually a scholar?  

b. Jehovahs Memory. Scripturally you failed to provide one passage that explains how our memories are taken in by Jehovah and then injected into a new body at the ressurection. This was the point of the question if you forgot. It means nothing to provide a passage or two that say Jehovah remembers us. No such passage proves what the WT claims. So the burden of proof is still upon you for any real evidence. As for our thoughts ending etc. I have debunked such a notion from approved translations as to the real meaning of Ecc 9:5. Once again scripturally you failed to support WT teaching.  

c. Prophet, Prince, Rev. These are all titles of men. I see you didn't comment on what I said of your title. I spoke with another expert who was a JW for 30 on this site. And he said it is unheard of that a JW would have any such title. So why do you call yourself a Prophet/Prince Ben. Your own brothern do not support you in this and I am guessing neither will your org. So whats up are you a disfellowshiped JW angry and spiteful towards Christians or whats your story Ben. If I contact a real JW site and ask them of it what will they say? Who are you really?

d. The name Jehovah. It seems you didn't like my comments on this. You called me 'dumb' once again. This dummy has been whooping your regal butt now for days for what does this say of you 'Scholar'? I know enough about the Tetragrammataion then maby you ever will. I know that it sponned from Moses first meating with GOD at the burning bush. He asked God who he could say sent him when speaking to Pharo. Gods responce was 'I am that I am' that is where you get the consants YHVH or YHWH. I also know that the entire Hebrew language was written with out vowels.

I also know that some sects of Jews believe vowels corrupt the Language and don't belong in scripture. I also know that the letter 'J' is a evolution in the English language and didn't exist in ancient times and that is why 'Y' is used as the first letter of the name rather then 'J'. I also know that your encyclopedias admit that Yahweh is the more accurate rendering of God over Jehovah. I also know that historically the pronuncation of Gods name was 'lost', some figure around the time of Alexander the Great. This was long before Jesus came. We both also know that Adoni was the name spoken when reading YHWH/YHVH.

You also admit that NO ORIGIONALs of the NT exist. The copies do not contain the name. You assume tampering as a result, yet that is a slippery slope Ben. One also you cannot prove.  If they were 'tampered' with then how much is accurate? Only the parts that agree with WT literature? Seems a little fishy don't you think? WT has a vested intrest in having their org validated by scripture, what better way then to change it.  

d. NWT. This is truly the only thing you have provided 'evidence' to validate your claims. The only thing. I have so far providing only a few leading scholars comments debunking it. My belief is that the list is misleading since the WT also used Julius Manteys name to validate them as they did Thayer. I have posted Julius's comments on what kind of translation the NWT. I have a feeling that others will have the same kinds of wornderful things to say concerning NWT. Daryl hinted at this in his responce to our conversation.

I currently have enough information to burry you both in the sea of deception and double talk concerning the 'org' however I need permission from various source before this can happen. I have not recieved any responces yet. I could use my Kingdom of the Cults book as well but again I need permission first.

E. 1914 date is just one of 4 dates the WT has set under different leaders. You claim them to be honest 'mistakes' as does all the good little JWs that frequent my door. Fact it it is not that simple is it? If these were simple prediction mistakes then what is going on with Gods 'leadership'.

You can correct me if I am wrong here, but the John Class/little flock is your ruling class? This is the governing body of the great 'crowd' is it not? They are the ones explaining the scriptures to you in the Awake Magazine and WT mag, no? They are the ones taking the emblems at Memorial, no? If how does your Org teach you that they know they are apart of this 'group'? Is it not God himself through Christ? So if they are unctioned by God in this way to teach and help others understand the scriptures. Are they not lead and fed by Christ even now??

Is it not their 'truth' you claim and hold in your hands to explain the world sufferning and Gods solution through the 'bible' when you come to my door? If so then how is it that they, that your 'Jesus', got it wrong 4 times regarding the end of the world, and armegeddon?

You want to claim that these are only mental perdictions however if your org claims divine assistance in 'reasoning the scriptures' from a ruling class that means that they are in tune with God and directed by him. Otherwise they would not be anymore special then any other 'Christian' group. Taze Russel claimed the inside scoop as did rutherford and both were left with egg on their faces more then once. To ignore this is to ignore WT teaching concerning claims as to who they are. They are God's theocratic organization so they say. This would make them the voice of God to all the people and this is exactly how the Org and mags are set up.

They act as a prophet or the voice of Jehovah and claiming to be his govening Body that is who they claim to be on once face then deny it on the other.

You explain to me how to rule from the scriptures knowing you are chosen without direct connection from God to speak on his behalf as a governing body. You want to talk about twisted double talk that is a load of it right there. Explain to all your brothern how that works will you?

You see in scripture it was real simple. If you were a prophet God spoke and things happened, it is didn't then you were not a prophet of God, but a liar.

It seems things with the WT must try to hit the prophet title without the consequences of being found out as false. That is why all the twisted double talk and mumbojumbo.

Unil I get some permission from those I have contacted who have more incriminating information then just my understanding I think we are done.

The best you have done thus far is a list from University Chicago press to substantiate your apostate bible, and a list of 'scholars'. I will go through it as soon as I can. You have been defeated scripturally on evey point made so I really don't know where else to go with you Ben. Other then get into a 'I am better then you' mud slinging war with seems to be where you are going now. That is of no intrest to me. I came here to deflate your ego somewhat by proving you wrong from the scriptures.

I failed to deflate your ego. But the word of God crushed your false teaching as I knew it would.

My next posts will not be focued on 'egos' and insults just evidence since that is all I am interested in anyway.

I hope you find Christ beyond the Watch Tower, God loves you Ben.

The only statement in your latest ramblings that made any sense was:

I came here to deflate your ego somewhat by proving you wrong from the scriptures.

I failed to deflate your ego

You are not strong enough to deflate truth,of all the experts here you would have been wise to read the profile the next time.

Prophet/Prince Benyamin Grünbaum

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