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The name Jehovah in the bible. The hebrew language is written without vowels, just consants. YHVH, YHWH must have vowels added. The name Jehovah is a construction adding the Vowels of Adonai (YHVH,YHWH modern 'hebrew pronunciation' for Gods name).

As for the KJV you are correct the name Jehovah appears approx 4 times. It also appears in other English translations. You would be correct in calling me stupid/dumb or by very least ignorant if I were to argue with over the presence of the name itself in the scripture.

However we both know that it was never my intension to question the validity YHVH, or YHWH from the entire Bible. My comments were focused on;

a. The absence of these consants form the NEW TESTAMENT.
b. The correct pronunciation of these consants since they are NOT accomanied by vowels. This is why I asked you to look into Martin Luthers writing on the 'unpronouncible name of God'.

It astounds me that you call yourself a scholar yet failed to get this. Not once did I say that YHVH is not in scripture. It is in the OT manuscripts that is a well documented fact. What is also a well documented fact is that it is absent from the NTs earliest copies.

Jehovah is admittly not the correct pronunciation of the name Yahweh is said to be closer. Since 'J' was an evolution in even the English Language I believe around 1400ad. It seems that the light gets brighter on some things for you guys but remains the same on even some of the most important details of accuracy. You pray to Jehovah when your org admits that Yahweh is a closer or more accurate rendering of the Tetragrammation, go figure.

If you wish to find accuracy in pronunciation 'I AM' I think may be as close as you will get as the name origionated with Gods responce to Moses question of who he was to mension sent him to Pharoh.

Junior Varsity hey? On my spelling, punctuation, and some grammatical errors in our conversations that would be a compelment. On the scriptural content presented pertaining to our conversation you have failed to prove the validity of WT claims on every matter discussed. I am not saying you didn't provide some evidence to substantiate your NWT, you did so far. However I have seen your list and I have found statements from E.C Colwell, Dr. Westcott, and others that provide info that denies the validity of how the NWT renders scripture. When I get permission to use the list I will post it.

As stated I also have info on those who translated this book NWT providing their 'scholastic' backgrounds which your readers may also find interesting.

I personally own the Kingdom of the Cults written by Walter Martin and edited by Hank Hanegraff 3rd edition. There a wealth of information concerning early WT lit, Taze Russel, Rutherford, NWT, false perdictions, etc. It is really only the tip of the Ice berg for info on this ORG.

Perhaps you could elaborate on what the purpose of Beth Sarim was and why it is no longer in the WT's posession. Please explain why Rutherford chose to spend his days living in this mansion driving a roles while his people suffered through the great depression?  The parallel between him and the Pope seems uncanny.

Yet again you demonstrate just how stupid you are,when I say stupid it has reference to spirituality ,you may be a rocket scientist intellectually but knowledge of spiritual things you get F - if there were such a low grade,case in point:

"If you wish to find accuracy in pronunciation 'I AM' I think may be as close as you will get as the name origionated with Gods responce to Moses question of who he was to mension sent him to Pharoh"

King James Version (KJV)

14 And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.

That is where you learned the IAM stupidly from the low, poor version

God’s reply in Hebrew was: ´Eh·yeh´ ´Asher´ ´Eh·yeh which means “become,” or “prove to be

NWT Correct translation

(Exodus 3:14) . . .At this God said to Moses: “I SHALL PROVE TO BE WHAT I SHALL PROVE TO BE. . .

A closer translation to the correct one

Amplified Bible
I Will Be What I Will Be

Moses was not asking God what was his personal name,how do we know that,simple his mothers name Jochebed mean Jehovahs /Yahweh is glory

So your argument fails again as always when you come up against me.

Most church people believe as you do that Gods response was his personal name his self-existence but that was not the Heb question Moses already knew he was Jehovah,later God confirmed that :

(Exodus 6:2-3)

And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah was I not known to them.

So in the context of the bondage Israel was in Moses wanted to know what he has in mind to become toward Israel.

That this meant no change in God’s name, but only an additional insight into God’s personality, is seen from his further words I mentioned he said later to Moses.

The name Jehovah comes from the Hebrew verb ha·wah´, “become,” and actually means “He Causes to Become.

The fact that God said he used to just apper as just God Almighty  meant that he manifested himself to them in the capacity of Jehovah only in a limited way because the name Jehovah was used many times ancestors of Moses as I showed Moses Mother name has Gods name and many other Hebrews has his name.

In terms of Beth Sarim ,I have no problem with it,it was the home of the Prince Rutherford and at the time thought would welcome the earthy Princes Moses and others.

These brothers only had access to the low /poor translations in these years and many came from the dense ,thick,blackness of extreme darkness of the false Churches of false Christendom so they brought false teachings and ideas with them into Jehovahs house.

So the teaching was Moses and others would come and take the lead,in time we learned the truth and thats how JWs are today,if we come to a better understanding we will adjust,so I have no problem with Beth Sarim or the Cadillac he drove or his Rolls-Royce  ,I drive a 2012 Cadillac  Escalade I suppose you have a problem with that.


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