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Bro. Grünbaum,

I'm planning on joining the forum in support of my fellow brothers and sisters.

My "expertise" is in the area of creation and science. I just love the way the Organization deal with scientific facts to prove creation. Over the years I've learn a lot and been able to defend our belief in intense conversation with proponents of evolution as well as groups of atheist and other unbelievers.

I have no scientific degree or scientific title in physics or biology but being an electronic design engineer has taught me to be very analytical when it comes to design. And we have so much publication that lends itself very well in defense of Creation - so I'm not a bit intimidated.

Anyway, any advice you can give Bro. G is greatly appreciated.


I go by the name EddieG to differentiate myself with the other Eddie's here.

Bro. EddieG

Oh great just what we need yet another Eddie ,just kidding I read on the board that I dont have a sense of humor.

Welcome Brother EddieG of California ,Agape' much brotherly love to you.Any help you need dont hesitate to contact me or Brother DW,Rando or Sister T.

btw are you new here,have you contacted any of the witnesses here ?

Your brother Grünbaum

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