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QUESTION: My brother in law and his wife are Jw. He is on disability. He works too. He takes jobs (contracting)and does them on the side. He takes cash or has the person make out a check in the wifes name. They added the wifes name to his invoices so it appears more legal. Its not. The worst part is their holier than thou attitude with our side of the family who are not witnesses. I have not reported anything to the law because they have kids. I have questioned the wife who explained that their disability pmts are not enough to live on.  How do you claim to follow the Bible and break the law at the same time? They seem to be able to justify this in this minds. What do you suggest? Thanks.

ANSWER:         It is hard to answer because i do not know all the details . However earning wages while on disability is legal when certain requirements are met.I have included some information from ths social security administration on "working while on disability .==

How your wages affect your disability benefits depends on whether you are collecting SSDI or SSI benefits . Both look at what is called “Countable Income ”or “Countable Earnings.” That is the gross amount of your earnings after any expenses necessary to keep you working and less any subsidized earnings provided by your employer. See or the periodicals listed above for more on C ountable Income.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) – Work and SSDI is an all or nothing type of program. You can collect your full SSDI benefits and earn all you are able to earn for nine months. These nine months are called the Trial Work Period.

Any month that you have Countable Income of $590 (amount for 2005) or more will count as one month in the Trial Work Period. That means that you can earn $5,000 per month or more for nine months and still receive your full SSDI benefits for each month. The Trial Work Months do not have to be consecutive, but are cumulative over a five year period.

It also means that if your Countable Income are less that $590 (amount for 2005) in a month, then it does not count as a Trial Work Month. If you earn $500 per month every month, you will continue to receive your full SSDI benefits without any particular time limit.

Once you have used all nine months of the Trial Work Period, you will still receive your full SSDI benefits as long as your income does not exceed what Social Security calls Substantial Gainful Activity. In 2005, Substantial Gainful Activity is Countable Income that exceeds $830 per month

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QUESTION: This has been going on for over 4 years. Why add the wifes name to the invoice and have customers make check out in wifes name if they were doing it legally? They also try to collect cash first. Why would they do that if they were truly reporting all of this legally? I know it is difficult for Jw to think that another Witness may be doing something wrong, but in this case I believe they are. Also, when I questioned the wife, she did not explain how what they were doing was legit, she opted instead to say their ssdi checks were not enough. C.mon it does not take a genius to figure out what they are doing? This is not the first time I have seen suspicious activity from them regarding money. He was self employed previously, and always preferred cash to checks from customers. Gee, I wonder why? Thankss for the info on ss, but I already knew all of that.

   I agree with you , If the law is being broken then it is certainly not proper for a Witness to to continue to do so .We should be setting good examples . If they are breaking the law then they are bringing reproach on Jehovahs name.
You need to speak to the Elders in the Congregation they will certainly take care of the problem.


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