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Ben I hope youre fine, have a good year.

Yesterday I read an important atheistic book from a guy called Julian Baggini. He is a "calm humanist atheist" that differentiates himself from "military atheism"(stalinism) that opposes religion. He says he is a positive not negative atheist and that religion will not be beaten by hatred and violence, but by logic.

I believe this kind of atheist is FAR MORE dangerous than the aggressive one. One of the ways that evil strikes is not as powerful but as a caring deceiving friend. Our whole lifestyle is not pushed by violence, the creators of the system want us TO LOVE this way of life, not accept it by violence. I dont want to offend this atheist, I dont know if he's sincere or not, but such works are promoted in public press with great zeal by the new atheistic political system.

I already found a reply to his atheistic comentary book in the internet, but I think more questions need to be answered. We all have doubts, noone is all-knowing. If Im not a weight on your back, then could you please help with some of them?

A main question I have is about his statement that the idea of "eternal life" cancels the notion of a purposeful life. He says that this is true for 2 reasons
1)Everything that has a beginning must have an end in order to be meaningful, for example a movie, a book, a football match
2) If life was eternal and not short, we would cancel things for the next day. We wouldnt run to accomplish aims in our lives and maybe it would be boring.

Also something I thought on my own. If everyone was happy, full and satisfied and no wars or fights for spiritual or material goods (that we were missing) were held, would it be boring then? I mean does "fight" for something gives a meaningful life, in contrast with someone who already lives in paradise and possesses whatever he wants? Could life in paradise be boring?

Your brother in Christ,

Hi Chris,

I am more than happy to give you my thoughts although, the questions should pertain to JW theology or history. I will answer these questions with a little note on the JW's and what they think of eternal life.

First, a JW doesn't believe that you can have eternal life now. They believe that right now, you have to be good enough to be in the resurrection for a sort of test in the thousand year reign of Christ. Of course, this is not a biblical teaching but that is what they believe.

Now, on to your two questions....

"1)Everything that has a beginning must have an end in order to be meaningful, for example a movie, a book, a football match"

> This is a poor argument with poor analogies. First, what is the definition that he uses of "meaningful". The following is from

Meaningful - full of meaning, significance, purpose, or value; purposeful; significant: a meaningful wink; a meaningful choice.

Now, to say that a life has to end in order to have purpose or meaning is ludicrous. For the One who has no beginning is the one who gives meaning and purpose to those who do have a beginning. It is God who gives us meaning. The funny thing is, without God, there is no true meaning. We have no purpose or meaning for being in existence. With God, we can say that we do have meaning and purpose. What is that purpose? God wants a relationship with us that never ends. He wants to have a people of His own. That is why Christ lived, died, resurrected and ascended on high to make intercession for us. Oh, we have purpose. Sometimes, however, the outsider just can't see in as to what that purpose is.

Also, who says that it is the ending of a movie, book or football game that makes it meaningful. It isn't, it is the beginning that makes it meaningful. The fact that it is in progress means that their is a purpose to it and a meaning. If there was no ending of a movie, that doesn't change whether or not it has meaning. It just means that the meaning continues on.

"2) If life was eternal and not short, we would cancel things for the next day. We wouldnt run to accomplish aims in our lives and maybe it would be boring."

> This is not correct. I have eternal life right now. Does this mean that all of my friends and family do? No. If I want to reach them with the message of the Gospel, I have to do it now. There is urgency in this life because not all things are yet eternal in my environment. My own physical health is not yet eternal. For this reason, I need to eat healthy and stay in shape to live longer and happier in this life until I go home.

Now, does this mean that after all evil is removed and we spend eternity with God that we will somehow get bored? Not if you are saved. You see, I have been transformed by the power of His grace and there are things that I love to do more than anything else that a non-believer wouldn't do, let alone understand. I love to worship. I can worship God all the time. I love to study His Word. I can't wait to learn in eternity the infinite things of God. There are going to be millions of people to meet and get to know in eternity. I love getting to know people now. I will be able to get to know the angels. I can come into God's presence anytime I want. I get to serve God which brings me great joy now. And, yes, God will have service done in this great theocracy of eternity. I will be able to do things that I can't now. I will be perfect. Romans 8 says I will ultimately be glorified. 1 Corinthians 2:9 says, "󅹥 has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him."

I don't think those who are saved will ever get bored in eternity. If the Bible is true, and I believe the evidence which says that it is, nothing in this life can even compare with what it will be like.

Life in eternity will not be boring. Just because it is perfect and we are perfect doesn't mean that we won't want to do more for God and our fellows. While we will always be satisfied, we will always be drawn to service. The things that seem to give meaning in this life might just be a shadow of what is to come.

Please let me know if you have additional questions or need clarification.

Thanks and God bless,

Jehovah`s Witness

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