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Jehovah`s Witness/Is there Proof that Jesus was Resurrected?


Greetings Brother benyamin from the Philippines
 I have been ask by my church to do an over-view on; "What Proof Is There That Jesus Was Resurrected." Since it is coming close to Easter, I have to give it before. I know the Witnesses are always dead-on when it comes to accuracy on things in the Biblehat is why I'm turning to you for correct insight.
 Thank you.


No one living today was there when this event happened and to say the scriptures say there were eye witnesses still is not proof because a person can choose not to believe it.So the only proof would be is the book where this is written true.

If we can prove the bible is true the the account that Jesus was resurrected must also be true.

I think you should present archaeological discoveries as proof the bible is true ,I dont think your church would appreciate coming at them from a Jehovah's Witness perspective.

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