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Hi Bro Grunbaum, You really have a bunch fools who DONT GET THE SENSE OF IT! Lol!!! This DUMB FOOL just needs his inches! You had already told him that  Bro. Russels Pyramid teaching OVERALL was FALSE BACK THEN,and this DUMB FOOL does not even get your point! HAHAHA!!! What does it matter if Bro. Russell was off by 1,000 inches instead. Not only that,but lets just even say he was accurat according to your last DUMB questioner who asked you, Bro, Russell was still wrong in his teaching BACK THEN.The  point is to that Ediot Johan is, WE CLEANED THAT TEACHING OUT WITH THE FALSE DIRTY DOCTRINE TRINITY,HELL FIRE,JESUS WORSHIP ALONG TIME AGO! LOL!!!!! Tell that INCH FOOL to fast forward to the FUTURE,and clean out WHAT THEY HAVE NOT CLEANED OUT YET what we already DID! LOL! I feel for you Bro.Grunbaum. LOl! Agape

Agage' my brother much Love for you and your familty ,You wont believe it brother Steve but our resedent Cult expert Johan is really serious about this thing he just sent more on the defunked Pyramid teaching and mentioned you ,here are excerpts:

Again thanks Grunbaum for answering ! I noticed your fellow brother called me an idiot though he spelled ediot re this issue ! Well I m neither a idiot or a ediot! So Im sure he will read this reply as I am now replying to both of you!

Both of you do not see the seroussness of it all trying to soft peddle Russell,s lies and the grave sin he committed! Do you know what the word FRAUGHT means ! He committed FRAUGHT in the name of God!

He lied about the lengths of the pyramids , he dedicated two books to the subject alone in the Thy Kingdom Come and the Divine plan of the ages ! Not only did he lie about the length when he published the diagram from Prof Smyths book , he even claimed the Prof endorsed his Studies series  , but what was not known is he never published the dimensions of certain passages! If Russell had to be alive today he be would have been tried in a court of law for fraught for doing this kind of things ! Are you going to convince me Prof Smyth really saw the lengths and diagram in his book approving both lengths when he knew the correct measurements ! This Russell did while claiming to be in the service of God dedicating the Great Pyramid to God!

Furthermore it was taught to be Gods Bible in stone until 1928 when Rutherforth now said it was the Devils stone !

Yet you say:

"I mentioned on the forum to these brothers just came from the blackness of the churches "

However Grunbaum you Governing says something different while speaking out of both sides of their mouth

WT Jan 15 1975 P. 46

Jesus Christ is the head of the Christian congregation, his slave ,and his words shows that he would strengthen them to feed his domestics right down through the centuries.Apparently one generation of slave class fed the succeeding generation thereof as well as feeding themselves !          

They said Russell was fed by the succeeding generation of FDS and you say he came out of the blackness of the churches/ Unfortunately their words about themselves carry more weight than yours!

And according them it is meat in due season is from God !!Was this really meat in due season from God .

And then you seem to forget that CURRENTLY JW are taught Jesus came to make an inspection between  1914 - 1918 what they call the cleaning of the temple. He inspected all the religions and denied them in favor of the FDS and appointed them over his belongings ! Yet they say the RETURNED master had to make a decision based on the quality of the food provided / fed !

Now Grunbaum do you really want to convince the world that Jesus saw the FDS in 1914 - 1918 teaching that the Great pyramid was His Bible in stone only to be later called the Devils stone and Russell lying about the lengths to prove he came first in 1874 and then 1915 and later 1914  while God was supposely living in the Pleiadas constellation north of the Great Pyramid?

You want to convince the world Jesus never knew about it or somehow just didnt bother about it using the Devils stone to convince the World of God,s truths?

You want to convince the world he was not worried when the food was supposely meat in Due season from God himself and appoint them over all his belongings !

You want to convince the world that when Jesus said false prophets will arise and when they say he is here or their dont listen to them when they used the Great pyramid to prove he returned/ parousia in 1874 and appoint them over all his belongings ?

It might not matter to you but have you asked yourself does it matter to Jesus


: First I want to apologize for this comment:

"I mentioned on the forum to these brothers just came from the blackness of the churches "

Thats not what I meant to say,I meant to say the darkness,I guess both sound bad but blackness really sound bad .

Now this pyramid thing,I must admit as a so-called Cult Expert Johan I expected better from you,to see you again follow up with 2 or 3 inches off on a study thats been dead 80 years is sad to see.

Now since this is a follow up it wont post as a new thread so send me a new thread and Ill address the inches and see if what you say is true,just copy these remarks in its entirety.

I see you are really serious about a few inches so get back with me on a new thread and Ill look into it but just know I dont see the point of it since we distanced ourselves from this thing I mean I could see you bringing up the pyramid study if we were still promoting it,planing long excursions to measure the kings chamber on our hands and knees and long study articles in the Watchtower ,I could see your point then but this thing is in the scrap heep of a long list of false teachings when we came from darkness to Jehovahs wonderful light.

Johan came back bragging how he poisioned a witness mind from this study:

Thanks again Grunbaum for answering!

Why should I start a new thread since I already provided you with the data re the measurements and the correct measurements!

You dont seems to get the point !


Jesus came to make an inspection between 1914 to 1918! CURRENTLY they say Jesus had to make a DECISION on the QUALITY OF THE FOOD , THE RIGHT KIND OF FOOD being fed by the slave between those years !

So Grunbaum we go to the the years 1914 - 1918 and we check what was :



Before Jesus could render a decision !





That was the quality of food, the right kind of food betweeen 1914 - 1918  Jesus supossely looked at and appointed them above all his belongings.

And that was only one point I mentioned I havent even started with the other points!

Your religion quote the Roman catholics for what they said over 800 years ago and judge them by that ,but when JW are shown what they have said  within the 1st  30 years of their existence it now becomes . its been dead for 80 years!

16 years ago Grunabaum  I led a  JW psychologist out of the organization after meeting him outside the Pretoria convention in South Africa and showed him the differences  from my 1889 and 1923 ed of the Thy Kingdom come  re the Great pyramid !He invited me to his house and we had three meetings each time I shared with him  all the info found in those books . He was a JW for 25 years and after the third meeting told me he was going to write a letter of resignation to his elders !

This is no small matter ! He phoned me 3 months later to tell me he and family all left the borg and thanked me for opening his eyes !

I set the cult expert running:

Watch Tower: 190. June 15, 1911.

Our understanding is that the open or general 'call' of this age to kingdom honors ceased in October, 1881....we make a distinction between the end of the 'call' and the closing of the 'door'; and believe that the door into the kingdom class is not yet closed; that it stands ajar for a time,

"Our understanding"

That is the point of the light of truth that the scriptures say gets lighter and lighter:,

Lets look at a non witness translation on this text:

New International Version

The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.

Would this suggest the path of the brothers in the 1800s coming from the blackness of the Churches would be bright from the start,remember who is talking here ,its God.

What you call an outright lie to make dates fit I call a revision of a better understanding

Cult expert:


Jesus came to make an inspection between 1914 to 1918! CURRENTLY they say Jesus had to make a DECISION on the QUALITY OF THE FOOD , THE RIGHT KIND OF FOOD being fed by the slave between those years !

Before the inspecting of the Zions Watchtower did the King not inspect all religions or just the Zions Watchtower  

The text says:

(Matthew 24:45) . . .Who really is the faithful and discreet slave . . .

What does that suggest that it would be in the form of a question :

(1 Corinthians 4:2) . . .Besides, in this case, what is looked for in stewards . . .
or house managers

(1 Corinthians 4:2) . . .man to be found faithful. . .

(Hebrews 3:5) . . .And Moses as an attendant was faithful in all the house . . .

So the King was looking for the slave who was above all faithful,thats what it says first
then he says discreet or who was showing discernment or good judgment in conduct

Who then is a faithful and wise

So these are the qualities he was looking at first ,so in other words he was looking for the faithful chef who demonstrated wisdom at the time of his inspection,in terms of what he was feeding at the time was still meat ,the quality of the meat was not the determine factor of being appointed to care for his house it clearly says

(Matthew 24:45) . . .Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics. . .

So once he found the chef that he would select to fed his house he himself would give attention to the quality of the food that was served.

The Message:
Who here qualifies for the job of overseeing the kitchen? A person the Master can depend on to feed the workers on time each day

lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?

Young's Literal
to give them the nourishment in season

Holman Christian
food at the proper time?

So the quality of the food was not what he was more concerned with than who would be in his kitchen

A chef had to be selected first then he would provide the menue

I dont think I need to go into what the chefs in the  Churches of the realm of preaching Jesus world wide were doing in the years mentioned to qualify for the oversight of his spiritual kitchen
I think you are well aware what Christendom was doing,suffice to say they didn't prove faithful it had nothing to do with the quality of the meat they served ,they didn't demonstrate good judgment to be appointed the chef to feed his followers.,

Now you show me otherwise in the years between 1914 to 1918 during World War I when Jesus inspection of the Churches world wide proved faithful,I would like to see it .

Instead you try to make it look the quality of the food disqualified Zions Watchtower notwithstanding if they were faithful or not.

Maybe this psychologist was persuaded by your sales goods but I dont buy what you are selling ,your goods are cheap and outdated and fit for nothing more than to be in a rummage store where all thats sold are hand me down items no one wanted and just gave away instead of throwing into the garbage.

Frankly your goods are not even fit to be re-sold they belong in the garbage of false ideads and teachings ,thats pretty bad if its not even fit for a rummage store,no one would want your goods if they know what I know ,most are too dumb spiritually to understand your goods are garbage.

Yes I even made a revision, I guess you will consider it a lie too, remember I started out by saying:

First I want to apologize for this comment

"I mentioned on the forum to these brothers just came from the blackness of the churches "

"Thats not what I meant to say,I meant to say the darkness,I guess both sound bad but blackness really sound bad"

Well as you can see I mentioned the blackness of the Churches again here without thinking in my remarks so Ill just leave it at that because it must be the way I really feel about the Churches

He wont give up he's obsessed with the inches of a structure 50,000 miles away ,they have nothing to grasp but at straws.

Your brother Ben Grünbaum  

Jehovah`s Witness

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