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Jehovah`s Witness/Ron Paul talks about the United Nations to ban religious freedom


Have you seen this video where former presidential candidate said the UN will "curtail our right to practice religion" when I saw that I got scared because I honestly didn't believe the UN would ban religious freedom world wide,I do now,the witnesses have been going around saying this for many decades but when I saw this I knew it will happen.Ron Paul wants the United States to get  out of the UN ,he mentioned this in the debates,it could be just like the witnesses the UN is the 8th world power.Would you explain just how the bible predicts this event,I goggle it but too many sites against this teaching ,Could you go over it.I plan to start back my bible studies after viewing this its eerie.

I dont need to watch that I already know the U.N will destroy religion its embedded in scripture and only JWs have been saying it.

I take it you used to study and never progressed to baptism and gradually became disinterested ,you drifted away,you didn't have a anchor ,you were like a a boat with no paddles an anchor or nothing just drifting and before you knew it you were in deep waters,You didn't have an anchor then and you dont have one now,your motivation is a video instead of love for God and Jesus you saw a video now as you said:

"I plan to start back my bible studies after viewing this its eerie"

What you fail to understand is if your motivation is not love for Christ but a video then the Devil can in time gradually remove what motivated you,just like that row boat example.

The Devil cant remove or separate you from God,I dont have the time to waste on you,go to another expert.

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