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Do you think this will serve as one of the signs for the GREAT TRIBULATION to occur?

My neighbors actually get shocked when I informed them the real issue about Joseph Ratzinger's resignation

I mean, how reliable really is that site? isn't that one of the kinds of "DEFAMATION" for the CATHOLIC CHURCH? can I have your thought on this Sir?

No , we already have the signs,the next event will be what Jesus said:

(Mark 13:14) . . .when YOU catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation standing where it ought not . . .

(Matthew 24:15) . . .standing in a holy place. . .

We know the disgusting thing today in the United Nations in terms of the Holy PLACE we have to see where that is,it s not really a holy place but perceived to be holy just like Jerusalem was supposed to be a holy place and it was destroyed

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