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On 19.1.2013 the WISELADIES "daughters of Issis" kicked of the global PEACE inaugeration.ON 22.1.2013 WITH U.S PREZ, inauger. the GLOBAL BALL for the peace inaugeration was celebrated together with all heads of states.      Since then this partying has continued and their ring shall close on 13 March 2013 When the WISE LADIES,  "daughters of Issis" close with the final BALL!        But like a similar party of a strong powerful city back 2,500 yrs ago!      They forgot the gate open and didnwatch their waters!!!!!!      NOW the writing IS ON THE WALL!    Let me explain............ start with the bottom post!     A new international court summonsed the Vatican's POPE,   the British CROWN, THE Canadian Government United Church and some others to stand trail for including GENOCIDE of 50,000children.      Hautingly, they never pitched up for the hearing that lead to a GUILTY verdict on 2nd Feb 2013. Facing a sentence of 25yrs imprisonment and confiscation of all assets and wealth!       

A week later the POPE resigned!   Rome C acknowledge GUILT and Canadians of only 2000 deaths??????       The queen is to visit Rome on 6 March to kiss the next pope's ring?????? (Or to conspire).

As the IMAGE of the BEAST and mouth piece, CAN the UN allow its main member to go to 25 years imprisonment?????    Can they afford their wealth being taken?     

Now the UN who laughed at our JWs message has got NO CHOICE but to intervene!      BUT OH my brother, the vultures (mostly ex JWs now scientologist) climbed in too!!!!  More than 15,000 MT gold stolen from Englands central bank and +- 645 (I don't have the correct figure here) was stolen from Germany BY THE US!!!!    

The private Vaults in Europes most prominent banks are stuffed to capacity with gold of the mega rich who believed gold was going to sell at $5,000 USD per Troy ounce very soon!     What makes you think no one dare admitt they have gold piled up????????          WHAT a privilege it was to be exploited, robbed and traumatized by these evil thugs,  taking all my hardwork's earnings like one will take sweeties from a baby!  It was so traumatic!   BUT JEHOVAH protected us from being involved in a very ugly mess! We lost all, but gained everything that money can't buy! Please note the CHIEF who started to procedures of Genocide IS A CLERGY! Love to all,  Agape

Agape' my brother Esme Viviers ,they are  laughing now but they wont be for long my brother.
I've been in a debate as to merits of the  New World Translation ,now we have been saying the United Nations will attack religion for decades and we are waiting for

Thessalonians 5:3 be be fulfilled ,now lets see which translation is more accurate with the United Nations foundation:

So we see here the UN is based on Peace and Security


For when they shall say, Peace and safety;

Young's Literal
Peace and surety,

American Standard
Peace and safety

New World Translation: ,

 <b>Peace and Security</b

Brother Grünbaum

Jehovah`s Witness

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