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Who the hell ru? To be goin off on people, dude just asked u a question, and he gave you a compliment, and said u a spuritual genius,,and yet you diss him. U a fake waterd down jw. You tryna tell people they wrong, and weak . Who the hell u think u are??? U a looser that feels exalted behind the computer. Dudd asked u a humble question, and u go off on him. U wack dude.

My first thought was to reject this due to the nature of your words but on second thought I want the readers to see how dumb you are.

Here we have a brother who evidently is goggling websites and ran up on Do 70 Jubilees predict 2015?

The dates he posted as I said are incorrect so the brother is going against our teachings ,I dont care about him calling me a spiritual genius ,I'm nothing of the kind,he needed correction and to be rebuked and thats what I did,if he came into the Kingdom Hall with this junk to the brothers he would be on the carpet.My 2015 date is not being promoted in the congregation ,Im not on the platform teaching the end is only 2 years away,however if the subject comes up in the car group I will express my thinking on it,I'm entitled to my own thinking.

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