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Greetings Bro Grünbaum,

Sister T here, I was reading the follow ups about 1914.  People want us to be wrong so bad that they will try to use anything they can possibly find to try and prove us wrong, but the fact is we were not wrong, big troubles came in 1914....

Just because World War I came in July and not October then they want to try and say we were not correct.  

But like you mentioned before, Satan had free reign to go back and forth from earth to heaven since way back, plus we know Satan knows Scripture. (Matt 4:6)

In Eziekel 28:17 we read how he's going to be thrown down to earth, also in Rev. 12:12.   So Satan knew a time would come that he'd be thrown out of heaven, knowing that time was extremely near since the Bible gave the timetable, 2520 years, I can definitely see him reeking havoc before he was literally thrown out, he had been reeking havoc when he was going back and forth, but in line with Bible prophecies, his anger intensified as he would soon be completely away from Jehovah and the faithful angels, that I'm sure he enjoyed tormenting. (Prov 27:11)

By October 1914 when Jesus was installed as King and war broke out in heaven, the Bible didn't say he just got mad after he was thrown down, it said he came down having great anger knowing he had a short period of time.  That doesn't suggest he just found out at that time.

It makes me think of people who are being evicted from a house, which I have seen this happen a few times, I never understood why people do that, but it all boiled down to them having great anger because they were evicted and would have to leave soon, so before they were actually kicked out from the house, they would totally destroy it, fill the toilet and tubs with cement, spray paint the walls and even let animals or they themselves would eliminate in the bath tub.   All this was done before they were actually removed.  So World War I coming before October 1914 is actually more fitting then if it came on October or after Jesus was appointed as King and kicked Satan out of heaven.
Why? As I see it, if he didn't do it beforehand, he would not be able to enjoy the pain he caused as much, he wouldn't be able to see it.   As the Bible says God doesn't take pleasure in even the wicked dying.  (Ez 33:11; 2 Peter 3:9; 1 Tim. 2:4)  And Satan already knew that in Noah's day when the earth was filled with violence, it hurt Jehovah's heart. (Gen. 6:5-7)

Most sadistic people, which Satan is surely evil and sadistic, like to see the pain they cause others, so before he was actually put out never to return, I can really see him wanting to see God hurt by causing the people who God loved so much that he sent Jesus to die for them, (John 3:16) kill each other up in a World War,  I think he'd thoroughly enjoy that.  

Just like the King Nebuchadnezzar had King Zedekiah's sons slaughtered before his eyes, then he blinded him. (2 Kings 25:7)   Thus inflicting much sorrow, making sure that was the last thing Zedekiah would see.

Anyway, regardless, it's undeniable that 1914 was a year that brought trouble the world over that was said by us 40 years prior and it didn't fail.  


Sister T

Greetings, and much brotherly love to you my Sister T

you make a good point about how low lifes will damage your property with the knowledge they will be evicted,another thing these low life people will do is take advantage of the courts in that they can live in your house without paying rent knowing you have to get the process started and they can live rent free for several months,similar to how Satan viewed his future eviction and like the low lifes fight against being evicted Satan fought against it.

You made another good point that I didn't mention in my response to the Church person that Satan was well aware of his future ouster,he read the account in Rev which was a thousand years ago so its not like he was surprised when the time came.

So what would be the perfect way to mislead people and detract from this announcement that it was newly established but to start a large war the likes that had not ever been seen before.

Good point Sister T,I hope the gentleman is reading this.

Church people have to fight against our teaching that Jesus became King in 1914 for the simple reason :

1.They dont proclaim the good news of the new Kingdom like we are commanded by Jesus him self

(Matthew 24:14) 14 And this good news of the kingdom will be preached . . .

2. Since they dont believe its established they believe they will go to heaven

3. They believe the gospel /good news is the death and resurrection of Jesus not what Jesus himself said the gospel is

         "good news of the kingdom"

So they understand that the hope of salvation depend on 1914 being a false teaching,because if its true they will be put to death for failing to heed Jesus command to proclaim his kingdom,by rejecting it as our only hope for a rapture will result in death.

So by failing to even acknowledge the Kingdom and telling others of the hope they instead believe in a teaching of the Devil that they are heaven bound,ignoring Daniel prophecy that a Kingdom will be established in the end times.

So how would these be saved,they wont be a subject of the Kingdom that they didn't believe in,there is no rapture to heaven,so there is nothing for these but to be slain by God,Ive proved on this forum a prophet was geven a b\vision of the aftermath of the dead bodies world wide:

(Jeremiah 25:33) . . .And those slain by Jehovah will certainly come to be in that day from one end of the earth clear to the other end of the earth. They will not be bewailed, neither will they be gathered up or be buried. As manure on the surface of the ground they will become.’

We wont bother to bury these un-raptured ones ,who were killed by God so they are not in heaven,these stinking dead bodies will hust stay on the ground untill animals and birds are unleasted.

Good job Sister T  

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