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I'm just being quitely surprised when you decisively put forward the HOTTEST issue that you've spreaded on this forum about the Great Tribulation would "surely" occur this coming 2014-2015.

I mean, all of the parallel you've just presented from the bible's history and etc. was very quite convincing. So what would be the likely "exact" event that could happen also "surely" on by that time? Is it a "WORLD WAR III" or "FIRE RAINING" or a "LITERAL REVELATION OF JESUS WITH HIS MIGHTY ANGELS"??? I mean, you should also know the exact EVENT right, since you also know the DATE. I'm just being curious what would it really be! ---- Or is it a very "LARGE SERIES OF AN EARTHQUAKES" ever to happen in this world's history??? Just curious.

Looking forward

No ,nothing of what you mentioned,by asking what would be the likely "exact" event that could happen also shows you have not been paying attention,two events were documented one just before the Great Tribulation and one just afterwards.

Lets see if you can go back and re-read the threads to come up with the two events.

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