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Brother Eddie,

I do not know if you have followed the talk on here about the 40 year pattern where Brother Benyamin Grünbaum has stated that he feels that the Great Tribulation may well be announced in the 2013 Annual General Meeting seeing for the first time there will be an international hook up for that meeting. Surely Jehovah has no reason to reveal anything else to us about the Great Tribulation as to when it will start.  Benyamin Grünbaum refers to  Amos 3:7 "For the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will not do a thing unless he has revealed his confidential matter to his servants the prophets." as support that we will be told.  But Amos 3:7 has already been fulfilled through the prophets of old - Gods Word the Bible.  Jehovah has already given us all we need to know about when the Great Tribulation will start.  That is why Jesus told us to "keep on the watch" (Matt 24:42).  Jehovah no longer reveals things to his servants as he did the Prophets of old.  We are not to expect Jehovah to announce to any of the anointed a date for the Great Tribulation or Armageddon. Jesus gave us all the signs we need to look for.  If we stay spiritually awake we will not be caught of guard."  The ideas that  Benyamin Grünbaum is putting forward is pure speculation.  We have been councled about that many times

*** w99 11/1 p. 5 When Does the Third Millennium Begin? ***
Jesus warned his followers against speculating about dates. He told his disciples: “It does not belong to you to get knowledge of the times or seasons which the Father has placed in his own jurisdiction.” (Acts 1:7) Earlier, Jesus revealed that even he did not then know when God would execute judgment on this wicked system, paving the way for Christ’s Millennial Rule. He said: “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.”—Matthew 24:36.

*** w95 11/1 p. 19 par. 8 A Time to Keep Awake ***
Yes, the complete triumph of the Messianic Kingdom is at hand! Is anything to be gained, then, by looking for dates or by speculating about the literal lifetime of a “generation”? Far from it! Habakkuk 2:3 clearly states: “The vision is yet for the appointed time, and it keeps panting on to the end, and it will not tell a lie. Even if it should delay, keep in expectation of it; for it will without fail come true. It will not be late.” Jehovah’s day of accounting hastens ever closer.—Jeremiah 25:31-33; Malachi 4:1.

*** si pp. 286-287 par. 13 Study Number 3—Measuring Events in the Stream of Time ***
Of what significance is this today? The first edition of this book, published in 1963, stated: “Does this mean, then, that by 1963 we had progressed 5,988 years into the ‘day’ on which Jehovah ‘has been resting from all his work’? (Gen. 2:3) No, for the creation of Adam does not correspond with the beginning of Jehovah’s rest day. Following Adam’s creation, and still within the sixth creative day, Jehovah appears to have been forming further animal and bird creations. Also, he had Adam name the animals, which would take some time, and he proceeded to create Eve. (Gen. 2:18-22; see also NW, 1953 Ed., footnote on vs. 19) Whatever time elapsed between Adam’s creation and the end of the ‘sixth day’ must be subtracted from the 5,988 years in order to give the actual length of time from the beginning of the ‘seventh day’ until [1963]. IT DOES NO GOOD TO USE BIBLE CHRONOLOGY FOR SPECULATING ON DATES THAT ARE STILL FUTURE IN THE STREAM OF TIME.—Matt. 24:36.”  

*** jv chap. 8 p. 104 Declaring the Good News Without Letup (1942-1975) ***
For example, the following articles were published in The Watchtower: “Making Wise Use of the Remaining Time” (May 1, 1968); “Serve With Eternity in View” (June 15, 1974); “Why We Have Not Been Told ‘That Day and Hour’” and “How Are You Affected by Not Knowing the ‘Day and Hour’?” (May 1, 1975). Earlier, in 1963, the book “All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial” had stated: “It does no good to use Bible chronology for speculating on dates that are still future in the stream of time.

The GB have learnt their lesson about sprouting dates.  Is it not  brothers like Benyamin Grünbaum that give us a bad name?

Agape Bro. Adrian,


That's the reason why I try as much as I can to stay away from such subject - as it's subject personal interpretations.

But in reality, we don't really need to know the exact time or date when the GT will come  since we already we know the sequence of events. We were warned to "keep on the watch" for it (not calculate it).

That is:

1) The "cry" for Peace and Security. (the trigger) - followed by:
2) Destruction of Babylon The Great -  False Religion. Commencing the:
3) Great Tribulation. Then:
4) Satan and his cohorts will attack us - Jehovah's Witnesses. To be followed by:
5) Armageddon. Then:
6) Millennial Reign of Jesus begins. Afterwards:
7) Final Test. ...and then at last:
8) Everlasting Life.

We need to keep these clear in our minds but the important thing is make yourself spiritually strong in Jehovah God's organization NOW because when the GT strikes and Gog turns against us - by then it will be too late to make ANY adjustments. Like the brothers said: you will exactly do what you learned now.

There's also this - since we don't know what will happen to us today or tomorrow where should your "treasure" be?

Also, remember who's in charge of the Congregation of God - Jesus. He will not let anything bad happen to his "belongings" unless he allows it or has good reason for it.

So do not worry about it.  

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