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Hello Brother Grunbaum...As you know, I have been going over this 40 year pattern and the dates etc. Now I say this jokingly, I blame you and your other brothers for me staying up on a coffee diet looking at this. But I found something to be very interesting at, least for me.

In past conversations I stated that if WW II would have been stated as the time Satan was kicked out of Heaven and cast down into the earth I would have been more receptive to the Witness time lines; although I also stated, I would not necessarily agree with the doctrines or theologies behind it. However, what struck me odd was a couple of things in history. Now without getting into the different theologies,etc, and deal with the numbers and a little history, I find that there are two corresponding patterns, that actually at some point meet...example:

2520 - 607 = 1913/ 1914

2520 - 586/587 = 1934

Before I get started, I am not making claim that the Witnesses are wrong in the way they are looking at this, I am just sharing what I see in looking at it from a different perspective.

Now 1914 as we know was the start of WWI called the great war. Hitler was wounded in battle and received the an Iron cross in 1914. At that time, Hitler was 25. WWII is recorded to have started Sept. of 1939, Hitler was born in April 1889, so at the time of the starting of the war, Hitler was 40. WOW, there is that number again.

Now the difference between mainstream religion and  how the witnesses  view the fall of Jerusalem is 20 years. So if you look at the above calculations according to mainstream accounts you would come up with 1934, applying the 2520 prophetic years.

1934 Is the year that Adolph Hitler became Fuhrer over Germany. Now something that will be close to home with the Witnesses is, that although other religions were being persecuted in Germany, it was in 1933/1934 that the Witnesses began being ousted from their jobs, imprisoned and also beat in the streets of Germany because of thier views. By 1935 full scale persecution was underway.

Now here is where it got very interesting to me. Mainstream and the Witnesses start out 20 years apart..However, this gap closes rapidly.

I read in a past post of yours that by adding 1935+40 brings you too 1975.

I, looking at it from the view WWII and Hitler is significant in prophecy..added it this way:

1934(the year he became dictator and Fuhrer) + 40 years = 1974.

Now we know in dealing with the numbers that there are a lot of factors that would render the 1 year difference insignificant, for what appears to be a year could actually be just months or weeks.

Now again, I do not subscribe to the 2014/2015 dates, and other than the numbers as relates to certain things, have not yet finished a complete study. I am looking at it from the Witness point of view, as well as the eschatological point of view of what you call Christendom. I am currently looking through world events from 1935-1974/75 as well as scripture to see if there are events other than WWII that fit the pattern.

The world went threw a lot of changes between 1935 and 1975. Now if I stopped my studies there, and lets say, based on the information that you and your brothers have found as far as eclipses etc., knowing that, not by doctrine, but by scripture itself, that signs of the times can be read by the phenomenon in nature as well as paying attention to world events; whereas as I may not be willing to speculate what events will occur, or even if they will occur whatever they may be; it is not inconceivable, nor would I be shocked, especially in consideration of current world events, if something did happen. As you and others have said; we will see!  

Now as we disagree on many things, there is no way to disagree with the significance of 40. In the brief study I have done, although looking at it from a different perspective, there is far too much evidence testifying to where we are in the "end time" scenario.

As always brother Grunbaum, it is a pleasure sharing with you and I am enjoying this topic.

Rev. Darryl Murphy

Well! that was a unique and different perspective I must say.All the contributors to this thing have one goal and thats to see the end of this evil world built by Satan,that is what will end not this earth.

You being raised in a JW atmosphere has I feel slanted you to our way of thinking ,if not on teachings but the spirit of our teachings,for example you reject the trinity yet believe in some from of its teaching like the holy spirit is a part of it just not what mainstream religions teach in terms of its personage.

I had another 40 year contributor weigh in and he weigh in as a super heavy weight,lets just say after I read his take on this 40 thing it scared even me,its under the topic :

"Something very interesting on the 40 + 2015"

I encourage you to read and consider his writings on this subject,and afterwards you had better not just subscribe to our teachings but literally kick down the Ark doors of a Kingdom hall there in Michigan because he provided undeniable proof our speculation is in harmony with not only our teachings but astronomy as well.

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