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Just a little thought bro Benyamin:
A few days ago I was thinking about Jesus, and the fact that He is called in 1 Corinthians  15:45 the last Adam.
We know that there are many parallels between these two men.
Romans 5:19 for instance and maybe the 40 years pattern..

Now I was wondering that since Jesus died faithfull on Nisan 14th, could it be that Adam sinned the same day? So on Nisan 14th 4026 B.C.E.
Does this make any sense to you?
Of course this changes absolutely nothing in our faith.. I just want to know your thought.

Agape from bro Vincent

Agape' brother Vincent of Liguria, Italy much brotherly love to you.

"Does this make any sense to you?"

No this particular thread doesn't make sense but I wont label it stupid as I started to.

You said:

"Now I was wondering that since Jesus died faithfull on Nisan 14th, could it be that Adam sinned the same day? So on Nisan 14th 4026 B.C.E."

I have to say you lost me on this since Adam was created 4026 and remained faithful for at least 40 years until Eve then he sinned,so you are way off,   BUT!    you might have something thats why I wont label it totally stupid, it was dumb now but not totally here is why:

Nisan 14 must be significant in the mind of God for a reason ,the first mention of it is in Exodus when Israel left Nisan 14 freed,it was viewed as the beginning of the year and it seem to be connected with sin and death to God.

So Adam and Eve could have sinned on Nisan 14 which is why Jesus died on that date as payment.

We believe Adam was created in the month of October same as Jesus birth so Eve could have been created in one of these two months Nisan or Otober its just how God works for some reason he works by patterns.

Its reasonable to think Satan wanted to get the woman to sin as quickly as possible before she developed a strong relationship with God so its reasonable to think she deceived as soon as he had a chance when she was by herself.

(Genesis 2:22) . . .And Jehovah God proceeded to build the rib that he had taken from the man into a woman and to bring her to the man.

I would think he was with her constanly at first ,holding hands as he taught her things not leaving her alone,but at some point she was isolated and thats when the Devil ponced on her.

Now we established the 40 yr pattern and since Adam was created in October his trial would have been up in October and Even could have been created in October as well and sinned quickly in Nisan just 6 months later.

So we are both thinking along the same lines it just your date was off bro.

Still good job,God is using these two months for a reason,they entered the promiced land Nisan 14 anter leaving Egypt 40 years earlier on Nisan 14 ,non believers can say 40 means nothing and there is no pattern but its clear God does things by a pattern for some reason and October and Nisan show a pattern as 40 does,so the end will as bro Stewart says will be one of those months ,why would he change his pattern now.

Brother Grünbaum  

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