Jehovah`s Witness/alter ego?


Hi bro. Bill Steck from Bakersfield again.

Why are some people so concerned that you have a pen name on this website?

I too did a web search for Daniel Selenski, and *gasp* I found his facebook page.

So what?

Even presuming that is you, what does it matter? Would they have been happier finding you are actually Bruce Wayne, or maybe a reporter at the Daily Planet?

What morons...

Agape Bro.

Hello again bro Bill Agape' love to you

I was removed off Allexperts for poor ratings which was a conspirisary by those who wanted me off this site,I continued to be rated like  with a big fat 0  so I was removed,I bounced back harder than ever but I dont accept ratings so that ploy wont work again.

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