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Hi Bro.Grunbaum,Hope your doing good brother. Something Im curious about knowing.Do the demons have an idea or know who are really Christ true Brothers(Anointed Ones),therefore have a personal jelousy towards them? And may personaly one to persecute them one way or another? Thank you for all you do here for us readers around the world brother,we are all learning from you especially when you bust the lies of the opposers accusations towards us.Agape.

Greetings my brother,Agape'

Yes they know ,the scripture says:

#Revelation 12:17# . . .And the dragon grew wrathful at the woman, and went off to wage war with the remaining ones of her seed. . .

So to wage war with these ones they would have to know exactly who to wage war against.

They hate humans anyway but they have a special hatred for the remint because as it said they hate the woman who is the heavenly organization who ousted him so he cant go to heaven ever again so he can take it out on the remnant .

Sure enough,the Watchtower was shut down and Prince Rutherford was sent to prison
4 years later 1918

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