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Jehovah`s Witness/Is a blood transfusion the same as eating blood?


QUESTION: Grunbaum are blood transfusions the same as eating blood!

Please be warned I work in the medical profession though I wont share what my profession is !

Do you have any medical journals, any medical reports or any peered and approved medical writings that do claim that blood transfusions are eating blood?

ANSWER: Johan I wont get into a food fight with you over if a transfusion is eating,I think we both know its used to feed the body if one cant eat by mouth.

What I do as a teacher is appeal to ones intellect ,you as a cult expert appeal to ones sense of doubts confusion, fear and ones guilt, yes his guilt ,but I will call anyone in my family dumb as well for believing in the blackness of the churches and they know it ,so there no guilt whatsoever,I go in undaunted and kick the door in of doubts confusion and fear,I'[m fearless and ready to die.David didn't walk slowly to a giant for battle ,he ran,ready to die if need be.

Holman Christian Standard Bible

When the Philistine started forward to attack him, David ran quickly to the battle line to meet the Philistine

I'm wonder why you keep coming to me since I dont have any of your components,I think you come to me for a platform to post,I do it because I dont want others on the forum to allow place for you as I have warned them.

So now that we understand each other lets examine your augmenting from several translations

Jehovah's Witness New World Translation says:

(Acts 15:20) 20 but to write them to abstain from things polluted by idols and from fornication and from what is strangled and from blood.

abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.

Young's Literal Translation

to abstain from the pollutions of the idols, and the whoredom, and the strangled thing; and the blood

I choose to use this verse in answer to your eat/transfusion argument,why,because I appeal to the intellect, your thinking, and reasoning,now if one is just plain dumb I can still use this technic because he still understand if his physian says because of you use of abuse of alcoholic beverages you will need to abstain from drinking.

Now does that mean that well since he said to abstain from drinking that I can inject alcohol in my veins.

Even one who is dumb know what to abstain means,the scriptures I used all used the word abstain,so no matter how you twist it if it clearly says:

      "abstain from from blood"

Then even a dunce knows a blood transfusion is not abstaning from blood,to be clear :


To refrain from something by one's own choice
If you abstain from something, you restrain yourself from consuming it. People usually abstain from things that are considered vices — like drinking alcohol or eating chocolate

I dont think I need to continue I think my point is made,its no way you can come away from my teaching and believe taking a blood transfusion is abstaining from that substance.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Grunbaum I asked you a very simple question:

The question was can you share with me any medical journal, any peered and aproved or any scientic medical writing that says blood transfusions is easting blood !

You failed ! Why cant you share with folks and show one single medical Dr or Pathologist or Heamathologist that will share your view ! I mean just one !

Not even a Dr who is a JW would ever dare to tell his collegues blood transfusion = eating blood !

For a very simple reason:

In the medical field we call it a liquid tissue transplant or cellular organ transplant   

When the verse say "abstain"

How do you know waht definition fits the context "

Abstain from researching blood

Abstain for testing blood

Abstain from looking at blood

Abstain from looking at blood

Abstain from donating blood

Abstain from blood transfusion

Abstain from administrating blood  

You see you can fit anything into "abstain from"

Now you see the problem is JW read abstain from eating blood as equivalant to a blood transfusion into the text but fail to apply "Abstain from" to all the others ! It doe s not make sense!     

Alcohol is absorbed by the body as food so whether it is taken by mouth or via the veins the end results are always the same !

Blood is liquid tissue or a cellular organ so when it is taken by mouth or via the vein the end result is never the same ! Drs cant cut you open like they do to tranpslant a kidney , they have to transplant it via a tube hence it is called a cellular organ transplant!

So when you receive a BT you are actually receieving a organ transplant.

The true fact is JW do not abstain from blood totally a fact I can easly proof !

Many JW like you are not equiped to deal with these kind of questions and are willing to die over something most JW cannot explain or understand.

Your blood policy is so full of inconssistencies that many of us when asking the HLC members to clearify they have no answers ,other than to stick to the medical directives given to them from Brooklyn!

Let me show you just how stupid it is while JW are dying unecasarry!

You say taking it from a blood bag which was stored ,into you veins is eating therefore not allowed:


The WTS allows JW Autologous blood transfusions:

Just to make it easy for readers to understand ,they say it is ok if it goes into a machine that cleans keeps it there for 8 - 20 min and back into your body via your veins!

So from blood bag through veins into body is eating


From cell scavaging machine through veins into your body is not eating !

That is only one example I haven even shown the others !

Keep well Grunbaum!

Johan you surprise me to say:

"abstain from eating blood"

I expected more from our resident cult expert

I dont believe it said anything about eating blood Sir,it simply said :

         "abstain from blood"

I would think that would encompass any form dealing with this substance.
Subconsciously if you were a heavy smoker and was told to abstain from smoking and you were resolved to refrain at the risk of death and you had a cigarette in your mouth your subconscious mind would ask what is this white thing in my mouth with the end of it ON FIRE!!!!!

You said:

Many JW like you are not equiped to deal with these kind of questions

No, youre dealing with the right one ,I'm on Jehovah's Witnesses H.L.C so you are talikng to the right person.

The procedure of homologous blood and autologous blood to say:

"The WTS allows JW Autologous blood transfusions"

One common use of autologous blood preoperative collection, storage, and infusion of a HIS own blood WE DONT APPOVE.

In this autologous process blood is no longer part of the person and has been completely removed

The procee you are talking about where blood is diverted to a hemodialysis device and then it returns to the patient’s circulatory system some ofthe brothers have viewed this was still part of them and did not need to be poured out then other refuse anything like this.

I can sit here and say if I was faced with this I would never accept it if asked,you never knw what you will do facing death,one thing I can say with confidence is the God I serve is able to bring you right back as if you never left.

Your grade in not dumb you are intelligent its just that you're looking at it from the perspective of a cult expert not a faithful believer in our teachings.


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