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Ihave a book that asks questions to the logic of the bible

""""If Isaac was willing to be a human sacrifice why did Abraham have to tie him hand and foot?""""

You need to get your money back if these are the type questions that questions scripture,its so dumb that it really doesn't need an answer,it shows how dumb you are to submit something like this,I assume when you thumbed through the pages and ran across this one it made sense to you.Ill use you as an example so you would understand better,if you agreed to let me cut you in a religious setting as proof of your belief in God and I was 90 years old and you were in your 20s once I took out a huge knife is there a possibility you might change your mind and run.

Now if you agreed to let me tie you down as the scriptures says Isaac did what would that suggest to you,would that not suggest he was willing to be cut

(Genesis 22:9) . . .Finally they reached the place that the [true] God had designated to him, and Abraham built an altar there and set the wood in order and bound Isaac his son hand and foot . . .

The fact that I'm in my 90s and you in your 20s I couldn't catch you  and if I did how would that look running around with a knife trying to catch you.

If however you allowed me to tie you down would be proof you were willing to let me cut you as we agreed on

Isaac was 25 years old and Abraham 125 years old and its no way if Isaac didn't want to be tied up and started to run 125 years old man will not catch the younger and stronger Isaac.

It just shows how dumb you are not to think of this



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