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Jehovah`s Witness/Bro. Adrian picked on Bro DW too!!! LOL!


Hi Bro Grunbaum, Look at todays post this bro.Adrian wrote also to Our dear Bro. DW. He didnt like what Bro. DW  had to say on the matter of the 40 pattern,but Bro. DW got caught his self rigthchessness attitude!! LOL! I tell ya Bro. this Bro. Adrian seems to have a potential Apostate attitude even towards if the Governing Body set it straight out to us all the sudden regarding the 40 pattern. But these types of brothers in the organezation of JWs give us all a bad name.Agape Brother.

Brother Steve Agape love

Yeah I'm starting to read the board more now,also I noticed it was said I said the date of the GT will be announced Annual Meeting next year I didn't say that I said:

So again do we need to know the time of the Great Tribulation,do we need to know when to stop the preaching work ,the 24 Elder class knows the answers and if we need to know it will be made known

Do I believe it yes I do but I have my own opinion until its proven false,its a proven fact that the 24 Elder class is providing biblical truths so we will see,this Adrian is not a witness because he spews Apostate propaganda thats why I rejected him.

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