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Jehovah`s Witness/You claim JW dont follow the WTS blindly?


QUESTION: I ve noticed with the past three questions you seems have shown you lack of abillity to answer my questions. First with the pyramid question amd now with blood transfusion question to which you had no answers.

You denied to a poster JW blindly follow the WTS leaders ! I say your words are not truth , they do not portray the reality !!


For 90 years JW leaders have taught the FDS is the all the anointed and the domestics are the great crowd  !

Since 2009 they started to shift the teaching and last year it was announce at the annual meeting and then on JW.ORG on 10 Nov that the FDS is the Governing body  and that the domestics are the anointed and the great crowd  !

Now tell us Grunbaum did you JW teach the old teach cause the Bible say so or did you teach the old teaching cause the leaders said so!

Now with the new teaching are you teaching it cause the Bible says so or cause the leaders the governing body say so?   

If the WTS leaders wiill change it a few years from now again will you then go along again?

ANSWER: Yes I would Johan,if they came out and said we had 1914 wrong that its 1943 I would go along
,you see unlike most witnesses I know for sure this is Gods visible organization ,my faith doesn't come from reading something ,my strength comes from knowing.I wont get into my person calling just that I was personally called by Jehovah himself.

Since its his visible organization he has the say as to will be a part of it not man.

If you interviewed witnesses they looking back on how they became a witness will probably say the same thing that they were called.

A vast number were brought up as witnesses but leave when they get on their own because they were never called.

"If the WTS leaders will change it a few years from now again will you then go along again?"

Guess what,I'm a foremost leader,so you have your answer.

Benyamin Grünbaum

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Grunbaum for proving in your own words JW are followers of men! You did a splendid job! You see this is why I love the net thing! Like one former elder said to me one day! Most JW have never asked themselves whether what was said was wrong and evil that it has caused families to be torn apart as a result! JW have no choice by to march in step for the sake of unity! Unity has become more important that what the Bible says on its own!

Well Johan let me ask you this then,if you were one of the slaves in Egypt and a man claimed God sent him and he was to lead close to 2 million out of Egypt would you say:

"Hey I'm not going, you are all followers of a man, Ill wait here for God to come lead me, you men go ahead"

Think about it,I already know what your answer will be ,you would be one of the first headed out,yet you tell me I'm following a man,that "man" is a prophet from Jehovah who has been chosen to lead us to paradise,now if you dont want to go thats your choice but dont try to make it look like we just follow a man or group of men,we follow their lead just like they followed Moses lead ,none of them knew where they were going and didn't care just as long as they were free,we know where we are going.

Take yourself,I assume to go to a Church there,you sit there and listen to a man,he is not God but a mere mortal,you do what he says I assume,if he announced everyone is to be at the Church on Sunday that you will be headed up north somewhere as a congregation with a vow of poverty I guess you will say no then that you are not going based on what you say here.

Every religion has men to handle spiritual matters and all claim God is behind them so I dont see your point,you really are starting to send dumb questions now and as a cult expert I expected better of you

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