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Thank you Bro.Grunbaum, I too am very convinced about 2015 for the fact that Jehovah does not change,(Mal. 3:6)and Im only guessing if 45 days later if All the anointed with the Faithful slave .are taken up to heaven during the Great tribulation. Meaning 1,335 days-1,290 days= 45 days later. I took a look at the words "Happy" in regards to the the Faithful slave with all anointed ones who sealed. And like I mentioned this is still an ongoing process that im intensly studying the constant feature. But I cant really say it represents the 40 year pattern. Im looking at other factors at this time. But no doubt brother G,I too am very covinced of what we all have contibute so far as a spiritual group here. What I have found as another Marker to consider is the fact next year in 2014, its no coiencedence that we are have an International convention where we  will be grouped together around the world among the races of brothers at conventions in parts of the world.Knowing that it could be an unknown strategy by Jehovah to keep us in groups where it may be a neccesity in parts of the world during the Great Tribulation. And since our  District conventions always go in through the New  Year,we may at that time be needed to be group during From Oct-Nissan 14, a 6 month period. I also realized that the Annual meeting will be no more,and that this 2013 Annaul meeting will be the last one,plus it was stated that anything or info that would be given an Annual meeting will be given at our conventions as whole coming in the year 2014. As you said Bro. Grunbaum, coiencedence or planned events? My answer is planned events no doubt! Now Im working on WHEN we will possibly get a last warning of preparation with events before the start of the GT. Gen.7:4,10 give a possible 7day period of notification to destruction along with Heb.11:30 with a notification to destruction. Or a possible 7month notification till Oct when Destruction possibly would strike,meaning from April to Oct in 2014. Read also Jahs notification before when he strikes with destruction at Ex.7:25.So how Jah uses his 7 for completeness with notification till the GT is still something to take note during our WTs,assemblies,and etc. your thoughts on all this Bro. Grunbaum Agape.

If this 40 year patter is right along with March/April Nisan and October together with 1975 as a guide post marker then as Brother Stewart said the Great Tribulation will hit next year in October lasting until 2015 passover night .

Believe me there are others who believe it too,but what really struck me was the sister who checked the lunar eclipse for the next two years and lo and behold on both days,I mean its perfect just like Jehovah.

Again though you are still too deep for me,I thought I was deep ,you are really deep bro.

Good Job  

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