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QUESTION: Grunbaum what happened to God,s quota , and who ordered that it should be changed ?

WT July 1 1943 p. 204 - 206


These expressions of GOD,S will by His king and through His established agency constitute His LAW or RULE of action FOR the FDS and for their goodwill companions today who will dwell upon the earth forever in the New World!

The LORD breaks down oour organization instructions further and makes tham more practicable by further instructing us through his FDS!

HE SAYS LET US assign the field the world to special pioneers , regular pioneers , companions of Jehovah,s Witnesses in an orderly way,sufficient for everyone to thoroughly witness therein and let us place upon each one the responsibility of caring for the New World in these respective assignments !

HE SAYS the requirements for special pioneers should be 175 hours and 50 back calls per month which should develop into a reasonable number of studies and for regular pioneers 150 hours and as many back calls and studies as can be properly developed during this time!

And for company publishers HE SAYS , LET US MAKE A QUOTA of 60 hours and back calls and at least one study a week for each publisher.

THESE DIRECTIONS CAME TO US FROM THE LORD through his established agency DIRECTING what is required of us .

This 'expression' of the Lords will should end all controversy .Its for your good that these requirements are made!

1)According to them who was responsible for the Quota  who is the He that said "LET US MAKE "?

2)When did HE say that it had to changed?   

ANSWER: Johan,for some reason you are fixed on old outdated information,it was you who helped me coin the phase blackness of the Churches.

That is a true assessment of the teachings that come from this blackness :

Ephesians 6 (Holman Christian Standard
you can stand against the tactics[g] of the Devil. 12 For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness

Now as I showed the bible says the Devil teaches scripture but will always keep you in the dark to truth.

1 Timothy 4-
King James Version

giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

This is why I said the brother back then had the black KJV just came from blackness to the light of the truth.

If you are in pitch black darkness all night when the bright sun comes you cant get used to the light all at ones,you have to gradually take in the light.

It took many years to take in the light of truth ,they still believed in many beliefs they learned from the blackness ,so I dont see why your focus is in the old outdated literature.

Prophet/Prince Grünbaum

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Grunbaum

Can you answer please?

Who was responsible for the quota,Them or God?

Who said : "LET US MAKE A QUOTA"

When were they told to change it by God?

Do you suffer from amnesia , did you not apologize and said you dont mean blackness but darkness?  

A Reminder: Your leaders have no  problem quoting what Christendom said up to 800 years ago to prove why they are false but when quoting what your leader have said within only a 140 years of their existence it becomes a problem!

No I also said blackness again in a thread and if you remember I said it must be how I feel,it was said in the same thread where I apologized and said the blackness of the churches by mistake,blackness sound worst than darkness.

When you think of it you are not:



get a dark eye

beaten Dark and blue

Dark sheep of the family

pitch Dark

pot is calling the kettle Dark

Dark hole in space

Dark mark against you

Dark Magic

Dark market

Dark listed


So the word Black is not associated in a positive way so thats why I changed back.

Were talking about serious spiritual darkness here,so dark until its black/.

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