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I have been reading your comments about the one true religion.  Can you please help me in understanding more about the inspection that occurred by Jesus in the 1910's in relation to the parable of the FDS?  Feel free to cover as much as you like.  Some of the specific questions I also have are when did Christ appoint the faithful slave over domestics; who the domestics are; when did Christ arrive to appoint the slave over his belongings; how does 1918 fit into everything and who the FDS is exactly.  And obviously, how does scripture prove this things.

Thank you for your time,

Hi Adam,

Your questions require extensive explanation as it covers overlapping prophetic events. In addition its a deep discussion on what took place in Jehovah God's organization. So one needs to be fully aware of how the Organization developed from it's infancy (33 C.E.) to the present. In an any case I'll try to be short as I can so that main answers doesn't get lost "in translation" so to speak.

But to do this I'll have to condense it further. I will post the updated version by tomorrow or as soon as possible.

Hang ten.

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