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You are an Elder ok. Do you suppose to be on this website with Apostates? Do you suppose to teach the way your introduction says that you do? When we go from door to door are we taught to give people "undiluted,unadulterated and Brutal Honesty."Are we taught that speaking a certain way can cause the householder to reject us?

I would suppose you have been reading on this "APOSTATE" website for a considerable period of time so it would seem you would know the difference between the field ministry and a
"APOSTATE" website ,I've seen witnesses who have been in the school for 20 and 30 years and when you work with them in service their presentation consist of just offering the latest journals of the Watchtower and Awake.You strike me as this type witness,not that its undesirable but just limited in knowledge and understanding. I suggest you read the forward of the Watchtower and maybe youll understand why a Jehovah's Witness minister is needed on sites like these.

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