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QUESTION: Since you were an elder man in JWS and know what a decision would be if a woman in that religion  planned to get rid of each other wife and husband and later after they knew they would be asked to leave the building for this sin and later came back after the heat cooled down and was welcomed back in would God forgive the adulters if it was proven to be a scheme?

PSSStttt I m almost thinking of starting my study back in light of the 40 year stuff it almost has me convinced my gal is scared.


ANSWER: During all my years as a Witness, and many years as an elder, I never came across this so-called "scheme" of two Witnesses to do away with their current mates so that they could marry each other, knowing that they would be disfellowshipped, and then the scheme be to at a later date be reinstated and welcomed back into the congregation.

I am sure that such a thing has happened somewhere. I just never saw it. Why not? Think about it. How could I, or anyone, know why a person is "planning" to divorce a current mate unless they volunteer the information? And how could I know that part B of the plan is to get rid of the mate for the sole purpose of marrying another Witness? Oh sure, married people do sometimes fall in love with another person while still married and do end up committing adultery. The adultery is what brings a Witness before the brothers. But the brothers cannot know anything beyond the current situation. And I have never known of a person explaining that they have a scheme to divorce so that they can have the one they really want, and then scheme to get back into the congregation at some later time.

Having said all that, I know a man who was a Ministerial Servant many years ago. He came home one day and told his JW wife, well, you can go ahead get a divorce now because I have committed adultery. She did get a divorce and he was DFd. Almost 10 years later he was reinstated and had been married to another woman for many years. That man is today a PO elder. There is another man who was a well-known elder in the Circuit and District. He was unfaithful to his JW wife and was "publicly reproved" as it is called. Some months passed and he was reappointed as an elder. That was many years ago and today he is an assembly overseer having given many assembly and convention talks since then.

So you ask, would God forgive it if it was "proven" to be a scheme? For the life of me, I do not know how it would "proven" to be a scheme. And God only knows what HE forgives.
Robert Jones

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QUESTION: Im not as dumb as people think ,you didn't answer my question,it was not if it was proven by the men even I know that I said"""""""
would God forgive the adulters if it was proven to be a scheme?""""

Proven by God grunbalm said they cant read hearts so how would they know .
so can a man plan to leave his wife and be forgiven thats a simple question of yes or no he said if you go treachero with your wife you wont be forgiven

he said"""""
BUT! A SISTER OR BROTHER who have cunningly planned such actions in order to marry each other it can only be said that even though the elders reinstated them that is by no means the end of the matter."""""

im asking you is this true or he lied you should know the bible you were a elder

if you cant answer i understand you just dont know the answer so ill believe grunbalm

You may indeed be very bright, Sal. That I have no knowledge of.

But I already answered your question with "God only knows what HE forgives."
Since you missed the answer, here it is again, God only knows what GOD forgives.

By implication you should be able to deduce that that also means that men, elders, may reinstate a DFd JW for all sorts of reasons but it is only GOD who grants forgiveness.

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