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Greetings from Thailand
 Since this is an internal problem I thought i would keep this question private.
 Can you suggest a solution? The literature counter has to be cleared after each meeting. We have two; one for the Thai congregation and one for our English group. No one is allowed back of the counters' except an Elder and the MS servant. Here lies the problem. There are many times we meet for field service and there is no Elder present. The MS that is in charge of the English counter is also absent a lot of the time. How do we go about getting literature for field service?
 Thank you Brother Benyamin

The sensible solution would be to get your literature at the meetings then there would not be a need to have to ask for magazines and books,in the meantime bring this to the attention to the Ministrial servant over the literature and see what other workable solutions can be worked out,no publisher should just go get literature behind the counter ,I personally had a loving sister get angry when I stopped her as she was just taking literature while I was helping another sister because she is a regular pioneer she thought she didn't have to wait like everyone else,she got tired of waiting and just walked where I was and helped herself.

When thats done we dont know how many are left
all literature needs to be accounted for,usually there are extras but to just take any literature it would not be accounted for plus there may not be enough for those who have not picked up there order.

I will make this public as a reminder for the friends not to go behind the literature counter,in our Hall there are extras on the counter for those who need more.

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