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Let me say right at the start I subscribe to the notion 40 has played a significant role in biblical history,as to a future role that remains to be seen I would think.My problem is the thread that showed all the eclipese in the future and how it just has to be the up and coming one next year because the next one in October is 20 years away.

Reading your past threads I surprised you subscribe to this logic I viewed you as a logical person,why cant God bring forth another "eclipse" in the month of October two or three years from now or when ever he chooses to,you have a habit of calling ones dumb,how dumb is it to limit the power of God and not think he cant bring an eclipse that man cant document,to me that shows
you are dumb not to allow for this.

I allowed for the fact God could bring an eclipse when ever he chooses to actually its just that I unlike you understand the movement by the creator better than you and dismissed this possibility.

Lets take past destruction as a model:


Take the deaths of all living during Noah ,why use water when he could just kill everyone by his own hand or talk the breath of life away and they would expire,yet he used something he had already created .

He had one Angel kill close to 200,000 solders ,so this shows he could have used this same angel to kill every one on earth at that time. if he wanted to.

He used fire to kill everyone in a city where he sent angels to warn Lot,instead of fire he could have just used the two Angels to kill everyone why use fire.

Jerusalem twice was destroyed by armies,Babylon as well ,why not just fire r water or one of the angels.

So my point is he has a certain method to how he does things ,he doesn't need water,fire or anything else to kill humans he can just put everyone to sleep and not wake up.

Yes if he chooses to create a eclipse thats not seen by astronomers but that not how he works.
He is highly organized and why use another eclipse when one is already scheduled next year that is if this is part of his plan if not then this whole conversation is academic anyway and the end my be many many years away,so you dont weigh in as all that smart either with your logic someone else could say we are both dumb,I'm dumb for subscribing to this thing,you're dumb for even weighing in on my dumb subscription of this 40 thing.  

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