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Rabbi Yehoshua ben The Prince of Beth Israel,Shalom ,you are Hebrew.

I was directed to this site concerning the number 40 you have used as predicting end times as such,I don't believe in an end times but I'm intrigued at your use of the number 40.The reason is as a Jew you then have great appreciation for this number and its use in the Torah but you are in error as to its meaning as you attributed it ahDAHM,assoicated with childbirth.

Vayikra (Leviticus) 12:2-4 "When a woman conceives and bears a male child, she shall be unclean seven days, as the days of niddah... And she shall continue... for thirty-three days...."

From our Law, an embryo does not have any status as a human being until forty days after conception and why G-D had the flood last for forty days ,the main sin that brought about the flood was sexual immorality.

The Midrash says that the flood lasted for forty days because the people of that generation "perverted the embryo that is formed in forty days."

The intention by G-D was to destroy all life. Just as life forms in forty days, so too it took that interval to erase it from the earth:

Moshe went up on Mt. Sinai, three times, for forty days each for a reason.

40 years as a prince in Egypt,
40 years as a prince of sheep in Midian
40 years as a prince of Israel in the desert.

The Sages teach that After forty years, a student can attain a full grasp of knowledge.

Forty is the time when a Torah scholar becomes fit to judge and decide halachic questions. Even though the scholar may have previously studied much Torah, not until this power of binah reaches full maturity at age forty can he best analyze, infer, study precedents, and render legal decisions.

This brings me to my question ,as I said we don't believe in an end times but I'm intrigued at your use of the number 40 and your end times.It's conceivable that ahDAHM was 40 years old when presented with wife.

The reason is  Bereshit 25:20

And Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebekah daughter of Bethuel the Aramean from Paddan Aram and sister of Laban the Aramean.

The Sages teach that a man is incomplete until he has a wife. Thus Isaac ascended to a new level of power when he married.

So ahDAHM may well have been 40 which is what really intrigues
me because we never applied this to him.

I don't believe it has meaning to your end times however,but if it's any consolation ahDAHM appear to have been 40 years old when he took wife,We learned something ourselves here.

Rabbi Yehoshua ben The Prince

Yehoshua ben The Prince of Vancouver greetings and welcome.

This was interesting reading ,we both learned something,I didn't know there was a teaching that a man is incomplete until he has a wife and that would then explain the number 40 in terms of full maturity.

In all of your information you lacked the real meaning of the 40 number however,you made it basically one dimensional and Jehovah used it in many other ways then you showed.

Its assoicated with destruction and at the same time survival,the water coming down 40 days had two different affects. Obviously, it was a destructive force as far as the lost were concerned. They were outside of the ark of safety, and therefore beyond any hope of survival. However, when the water hit the earth it raised the ark to salvation.

You mentioned Moses and the 40 days but after that 3,000 died for false worship ,so again we see destruction at the end of that time frame and we see salvation in that on Pentecost the exact same number was added :

(Acts 2:41) . . .and on that day about three thousand souls were added. . .

The interesting thing here is both were on Pentecost,Israel had the law 50 days from Egypt and the Jews were replaced at Pentecost for spiritual Israel.

So these events cant just be random there is a plan behind them leading to a larger plan I believe that leads to the Great Tribulation,I know you don't believe it but without you knowing it you have validated my belief Adam was 40 years old when Eve was created.

I really didn't need your valadation because it obvious this is the case but thanks for your insight anyway.

Prince /Prophet  
Benyamin Grünbaum  

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