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Hi Bro.Grunbaum, Hope your doing good. In regard to what all of us brothers and sisters who were putting our heads together in regard to the 40 pattern,I noticed that the 607 Jerusalem destruction was mentioned along with Noahs time of destructon were all in the month of Oct. I also took note passover time had a possible role to play. Well now looking back to the destruction that happened in 70C.E,I know that it had a minature fulfillment in the Bible,which if Im correct started in 66-70 C.E.  Im I correct in understanding that in 66 C.E. is when the Great Tribulation started,and when the Roman soldiers left for some reason for awhile,and it allowed Anointed Christains to run to the mountains,and then the Roman army return in 70 C.E., that the Desrtuction at 70 C.E. represented Armagedon as a parralel? I Mean like in a minature  Great Tribulation to Armagedon? If so, I took note that our Governing Body mentioned tha when the Roman Army return in 70 C.E to bring total destruction to the city, they came on The Day OF THE PASSOVER of 70 C.E. What you make of this parralel.? As you put it, planned event or coiencedence? This was found in the Watchtowe of 76 in our WT Library. Your thoughts on this Brother Grunbaum. Agape

Agape' my brother Steve of Texas, much brotherly love to you and your family


"when the Roman Army return in 70 C.E to bring total destruction to the city, they came on The Day OF THE PASSOVER of 70 C.E"

See that is the reckoning of brother Stewart [which I now subscribe to] as to why the end of this system will be Passover night of a certain year when ever that is,with the GT beginning in Oct of a certain year.

Do the Watchtower believe it too,YES,how do we know:

Lets see if there is a Nisan March April /October pattern

Nisan 14 Israel passover to freedom from slavery
Nisan 14 40 years later Israel entered the Promised land
Nisan 14 Jesus paid for sin
 Nisan 14 He instituted the memorial of his death,

World wide destruction the flood October ,  
Solomon inaugurated the completed temple at Jerusalem in October
Jerusalem’s fall in 607 B.C.E October
70 years later October returned from Babylon to rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem


Babylon has a modern counterpart—“Babylon the Great,” the world empire of false religion
Destroyed October

Jerusalem destroyed 70 C.E Nisan 14      counterpart Christendom

*** w96 8/15 p. 19 Will You Be Saved When God Acts? ***

The opening phase of this tribulation will be an attack on a symbolic prostitute called “Babylon the Great.”She represents the worldwide empire of false religion, with Christendom being most reprehensible.

So Christendom the first attacked

*** w96 8/15 p. 20 Will You Be Saved When God Acts? ***

This second phase of the great tribulation will parallel what happened to Jerusalem and its inhabitants in the second attack by the Romans in 70 C.E. It will prove to be “great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until [then], no, nor will occur again.

So its clear these two Jewish months will play a role in the Great Tribulation

Prophet Brother Stewart speculate as follows based on the 2 prophetic months and the 40 year pattern.

October 2014 next year the first phase of the tribulation will be an attack on Christendom
Passover night Nisan 14 2015 second phase of the great tribulation ends this system

There are too many patterns just to ignore what Prophet Stewart has wrriten.

The 24 Elder class which revealed the dates of 1919,1935,1975 could have revealed 2015 by the hint of the 40 year pattern.

I say it because the Watchtower is on record as saying :

*** w76 7/15 p. 436 Keeping a Balanced View of Time ***


17 There are reasons why we cannot know this. For one thing, even though Bible chronology clearly indicates that we have reached the mark of six thousand years since the time of the creation of the first human, Adam, it does not tell us just how long after that event the sixth creative day came to its close and the seventh creative period or “day,” God’s great rest day, began.

*** w76 7/15 p. 436 Keeping a Balanced View of Time ***

But that great rest day did not begin immediately after Adam’s creation. Other events took place after Adam’s creation but before the close of the sixth creative day. One of these is of great importance to all of us. That is the creation of the first woman, Eve.\\\

*** w76 7/15 p. 436 Keeping a Balanced View of Time ***

How much time elapsed between the creation of the man and that of the woman? The Bible does not reveal this. It could have been a relatively short time

*** w76 7/15 p. 437 Keeping a Balanced View of Time ***

That these factors, and the possibilities for which they allow, prevent us from saying with any positiveness how much time elapsed between Adam’s creation and that of the first woman. We do not know whether it was a brief time such as a month or a few months, a year or even more. But whatever time elapsed would have to be added to the time that has passed since Adam’s creation in order for us to know how far along we are within God’s seventh “day,

So if the elapsed between the creation of the man and that of the woman was 40 years then that will be the end.

The fact that it has not come and we are nearing 40 years should scare some people,EVEN THE APOSTATES!

w64 3/1 p. 160 Questions from Readers ***

• Is there any symbolic significance to the number forty? If so, what is it?—A. L., U.S.A.

As to the number forty, it must be noted that it is used in many different connections in the Bible, as shown by an exhaustive Bible concordance.The Watchtower of May 1, 1941, on page 138, in discussing Judges 5:31, it commented on a forty-year period of peace, following the deliverance of the Israelites from Canaanite oppression; and it showed that this foreshadowed the time of the peaceful 1,000-year reign of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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