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Hi Brother Grunbaum,is it possible we will see these 2 events take place together before the Burst of the Great Tribulation? Or will the Disgusting thing(UN) stand in the Holy Place during the Great Tribulation? Thank you my brother!

Greetings brother Steve

We know Jesus closely links the standing in a holy place with the outbreak of the tribulation.

It appear that after this attack is when they believe they have peace,the question is why would they the UN who's motto is peace and security think this but the main question is where is this "HOLY PLACE" where they attack.

We as observers have to wonder where this is and if we can zero in on that then all we need to do is wait to see it before our eyes.

There are many places on earth looked at as Holy.I consider the Kingdom Hall a Holy place

Christendom plays a central part and claims to have a covenant relationship with God,same with Church people they consider the same and Muslims etc.

But the U.N aim remember is to attack false religion ,how do we know that is because Jehovah is behind this:

(Revelation 17:17) . . .For God put [it] into their hearts to carry out his thought. . .

(Revelation 18:5) . . .God has called her acts of injustice to mind. . .

Revelation 18:8) . . .because Jehovah God, who judged her, is strong.

So its not the Kingdom Halls ,what about non Christian religions holy places,

No it wouldn't be any of the Islamic or Jewish holy places because they dont represent Jesus or claimed to be in a covenant relationship with God,so its not Jerusalem or Mecca or any non christian so-called holy place.

So that leaves Christendom

Ancient Jerusalem which was destroyed for false religion as predicted by Jesus must have a modern counterpart who is just as false and claim to enjoy a covenant relationship with God.

Modern Jerusalem and Israel hate Jesus and the NT so it cant be any other than the realm of Christendom the UN attacks.

But what is Christendom’s holy place,could it be Rome :

*** w99 5/1 p. 18 “Let the Reader Use Discernment” ***

When the “scarlet-colored wild beast” attacks the religious harlot, “the disgusting thing” will be standing in a menacing way in Christendom’s so-called holy place.

They dont come right out and say Rome but I will,the Roman Catholic Church has murdered tens of thousands in history ,burned people alive all while they claim to be the same as Peter.

So its logical the UN will stand in the holy place in Rome.

Brother  Grünbaum  

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