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Hi Eddie G. I am writing this with the assumption that you are the same Eddie G who wrote to Expert DW in regards to someone who says that he and Mr Grunbaum will fail in 2017. If you are not the same person then you can disregard the question. But if you are I was wondering if you could elaborate somewhat on what you are talking about? I am a regular reader of this board and I have not seen any comments that are similar in nature to what you are talking about. I have seen witnesses post about what they think will happen in 2015, not 2017. I have seen some non-witnesses post about why they dont think there is anything to it. But I have seen nothing about 2017 mentioned or anything about Mr DW and Mr Grunbaum falling. I was just wondering who and what post you were referring to specifically. I would like to read it.  Thanks for your time.

Hi Scott,

Yes I'm the same Eddie G who wrote to Bro. DW.

Anyway, the post I was talking about is this:

and this:

I'm not sure who these groups are but I find them funny sending vague threats to Bro. G and DW.

Like I said - (whoever they are) - they are like ants trying to topple a barreling 20,000 ton fright train from its track.


Matter of fact - Hitler tried to wipe out the JWs during his time and many more tried to many times. Where are they now?

If these groups are that ignorant of our history - not gonna happen but will just destroy themselves in the process.

Eddie G.  

Jehovah`s Witness

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