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Bro. Grünbaum,

Just dropping by to say hi and how are you today? Hope everything is well with you.

So my application was finally accepted. Hopefully I can contribute a little bit here and there for the defense of our faith and show that our loving God Jehovah is a loving creator with the amazing power to create and recreate. That He has an Organization here on earth to spearhead the preaching of the Good News of His Kingdom under the rulership of His loving son our leader Jesus Christ.

Since that we're getting close to the memorial of Jesus' death I can't but contemplate the awesome power of our God Jehovah.

Think about what it took place when He resurrected His only begotten son Jesus Christ from the dead - back to life.

Jesus' resurrection was no small feat. No not all when compared to ALL that were resurrected from time immemorial.

Think about this Bro. G.

We know that during the creation event, Jesus was the Master Worker (Prov 8:30) used by Jehovah God to create all other things. Thus Jesus posses knowledge beyond our understanding and even beyond the knowledge of angels. Also, being the firstborn of all creation himself, Jesus was with his Father for ions and ions of time. Now think of the experience and wisdom he accumulated from the very beginning until his death. It must have been awe inspiring.

But when Jesus died - ALL of these knowledge, wisdom and experience vanished with him. All the knowledge and feelings that he used to have during creation disappeared with him when he died. All gone.

Now here's the power of resurrection.

In order to be a complete person again after resurrection, Jehovah God will need to restore everything about that person. If one experience or even one bit of knowledge is missing, that person will not be the same person as he/she was when he/she existed.

So the power that Jehovah God possesses to bring Jesus back to life as the same person - with ALL the knowledge, wisdom, feeling and experience that he used to have must have been unimaginable!

Think about it Bro. Grünbaum, all of these needs to be restored - 100% in order for Jesus to be the same person!

Yet, at the right moment in time Jesus was brought back to life possessing all that he knew and then added more to it!

What an awe inspiring God we serve and worship!!

All praise goes to our Father Jehovah God for resurrecting His loving son back to life.

Now, what would it take to restore a human being back to life?

Agape' Brother EddieG much brotherly love to you and your family and welcome to the forum,yeah I saw that!

Jehovah's power and wisdom is beyond our comprehension ,when you think of it what is a person really,is it the body,is it the voice ,what is a person.

A person is his mind,memory,to be the same person who died thousands of years ago say like Moses when he comes back to be the same person he would need to have the same mind that he had ,the body will not be the same exact body but his mind will be the exact same one.

So to the resurrected person it will seem as if not one second of time elapsed but thousands of years passed him by.

There is no time in death.

That is why the new world will be so wonderful it will also be beyond our comprehension
you cant even imagine how wonderful it will be,but think of how we will look at the suffering we now know of,at some point we wont even think of this suffering ,why would we.

We will at some point be perfect,we dont know how that feel,when you think of the brightest minds today we will surpass them in intelligence so think of the inventions.

Yes you are right All praise goes to our Father Jehovah God

Brother Grünbaum

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