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QUESTION: I have been reading your responses regarding reinstatement and that decisions and judgements are ultimately God's in this matter.  You stated that elders could reinstate somebody, but God could ultimately judge otherwise if they were not truly repentant.

My question is the other scenario.  If someone really is truly repentant, but the elders choose not to reinstate them into Jehovah's organization, and God reads their hearts differently...what will happen at Armageddon?  

Thanks again!

ANSWER: As a committee we look to see whether the wrongdoer is truly repentant yes,I read brother Jones response where he said :

So you ask, would God forgive it if it was "proven" to be a scheme? For the life of me, I do not know how it would "proven" to be a scheme.

That statement makes me question if he was ever an elder in JW,because as a judicial committee we have to determine all the facts before making a decision to remove /reprove/ a sinner.

If a witness did scheme and planed to leave and remarry those facts will come out when we meet with the witness,obviously we knew she was married and the brother was married so there would be that suspicion already of a scheme.

That would be one of the question she would have to answer ,if they lied and said no when it was true then  no we would not know the truthfulness of the matter conversely if one party admitted it and the other party said no then we would have our answer.

But in any event when we investigate wrong doing we get to the bottom with the help of Gods spirit,Jesus said when two or more are gathered in his name he would be involved ,so the comment brother Jones made is incorrect thats probably why he finds himself sitting at home watching TV on meeting times.

We cant read the heart ,Adam thats why in both cases if the wrongdoer wants to be saved in the end they will be truthful,otherwise why even confess your sins,we represent God when we meet with a sinner and form a judicial committee and the wrongdoer was put out of the congregation and he comes back and start attending meetings he will at some point be reinstated ,we are in the life saving business not deny a person a chance,we dont know if he is truly sorry or not.

A person guilty of wrongdoing might feel a sadness of personal failure, shame at being exposed or feel bad over the possibility of facing being kicked out.

Scripture shows Esau shed tears over the loss of his birthright, Jehovah knew that Esau was not truly repentant at heart those there saw tears and it looked like one thing but in reality is was not what it looked like.

If the wrongdoer voluntarily confessed that would be an indication as to his or her heart condition,if he was caught then it would be viewed differently.

The whole point is as a witness you cant practice sin after having the truth,I dont care who you are you can be a super high official in Jehovah's visible organization and be brought down to the ground and find yourself walking aimlessly in the streets of NY with no direction ,angry at the world,look at brother R.V Franz.

Satan was higher than any mere mortal and look at where he is today,in total blackness.

Thats why its better not to know the truth than to know and not obey

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the reply.  I remember an online conversation I had some time ago with a witness who was DF'ed.  According to this person, he was truly repentant and continued to attend meetings for well over a year and has completely avoided the sinful act that led to his DF.  He was denied reinstatement.  

Obviously, I can't read the heart of this person through the internet, nor would I claim to know the truth about what actually occurred surrounding his reinstatement or lack thereof.  So, I guess my question lies in the hypothetical.  What if what this person is saying is true?  If he (or anyone else) were truly repentant before God, but was not allowed to be reinstated in Jehovah's visible organization, what would happen to him if Armageddon came tomorrow?

By the way, my offer is still on...dinner on me when you are in my vicinity.

Adam of South Carolina ,I remember your invitation and I will keep that in mind,if the Great Tribulation hit and he was still not reinstated he could still be saved,likewise there will be some who think they are assured of being one of the ones to be saved and will be dead on the streets.

Not every JW will make it many will fall ,Satan will not go out without a fight to the finish,he reads scripture where he will be removed from the earth for 10 centuries so more than likely this is his last chance at the ones living now the ones he misleads after he is released will be those born during the 1,000 years.

So very hard times are just ahead for everyone in fact scripture says

(Matthew 24:22) . . .In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.

So this person just need to continue to obey and he can still be saved,God is the final judge who goes and who stays not the WTBTS or anyone else.

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