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Hi Bro. Grunbaum, I did some intense search on when Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed,and all the evidence seems to point to Nissan 14 on the Passover. The evidence was very well overwelming! I mean you really have to look into this for yourself to see what I mean! Could it be that Lot was PASSEDOVER from desruction? Dont know if you ever look into this area. its no wonder even Jesus parralels it to the destruction in the End,aside from what I found with other evidence that its completely linked with Nisan 14. Your thoughts on this Brother, Agape

You are a very deep thinker brother Steve,you are correct to a point about the time it was destroyed Sodom and Gamorahh but keep in mind this was before Passover which was in Egypt ,so there was no Passover yet BUT,we can see how God was thinking ,that is what we are doing here,we can predict future acts of God by what he has done in the past.

Now even though this was not yet Passover it was Unfermented Cakes which was the day after Nisan 14 so you are on to something here,it was as you said a destruction and deliverance.

It explains why later Israel was delivered the day before Unfermented Cakes  because later this day was assoicated with false religion being destroyed

*** it-1 p. 827 Festival of Unfermented Cakes ***

The festival observance was the start of a great campaign against false religion, and in many cities this was carried out before the worshipers returned to their homes

We are not the only ones starting to look at this I has a minister of christendom in private say he was looking at this as well ,one cant help but see for some unknown reason God takes action on just these two Jewish months.

There is too many events to just say there is no meaning like for example:

(Genesis 8:4) . . .And in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ar´aˇrat.

Seventh month is the month is Nisan this was after the destruction came in the month of October

Good work again brother,it just keeps pointing to 2015  

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