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Hi brother. Have a good day  i just want to ask if Jehovah witnesses believe that a spirit is like electricity that powers a fan . And if you do good things and follow god commandments. You will be resurrected. Will im  just thinking that the one will be resurrected is not really you its just a clone of  your self having all your memories. Because the real you is really dead.  Then why should i do good things when all its outcome is the same. I'm sure God knows that human would think about this things. Thats  why spirit is immortal but unconscious.  And God will  fulfill his promise to the righteous. He will give them new soul a new body.

I really dont understand what you are asking,it sounds like you believe in a resurrection  but you are not sure if you should strive to be righteous since you sound like you believe you are immortal.

You are not immortal that teaching comes from the blackness of the false Churches of Christendom so if you choose to be wicked and not convert to Jehovah you wont have to worry about what you might be in the resurrection because those slain by God at the end just ahead of us will not just come back after being put to death.

(Jeremiah 25:33) 33 And those slain by Jehovah will certainly come to be in that day from one end of the earth clear to the other end of the earth. They will not be bewailed, neither will they be gathered up or be buried. As manure on the surface of the ground they will become.’

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