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Hi Bro.Eddie G. Just want to say to our dear Bro. Stuwart that he did an awesome job with the whole 40 pattern. Also Bro. Stuwart and all who contributed,(I also was one too),I noticed none of us looked into the 'first'destruction of Jerusalem in 607,just that it was destroyed on Oct 1. But Brothers I did a search on our watchtower library,and typed in "40 or Forty years to destruction,and our Faithful Slave brought out MANY TIMES saying Jerimaih preached destruction for exactly 40 years!!! Now this is another one to be amazed how Jehovah our Father does NOT change!(Mal 3:6) Another thing that our dear brother Stuwart and the rest of the 40 contributors with Bro .G mentioned is that October going into the following months would be more than perfect,because these month that follow,are all going into the Major Religious Holidays.This would be all the main million dollar making holidays such as Halloween,Thanks Giving,Christmas and etc. If Jehovah would bring the GT on Nissan,'IT' would not really affect any pagan religious holidays for the world to see for themselves that they CANT celebrate anymore religious holiday as once. This Bro Eddie G,is more and more just starting to make sense when you really think deep into the matter to all the WHYS would be for the month of Oct. Good Job my Bro Stuwart and to all the other JWs contibutors as Bro. G put it,(Spiritual sharp minds) P.S. To Bro Stuwart,if its ok with you my Brother,I would love to get in contact with perhaps through your private E-Mail.I will leave mine in a PRIVATE message to our Brother Eddie G. And hopefully if your ok with it my Bro Stuwart,you can leave your Email with Bro Eddie G in a Private message. Thank you.          And Bro Eddie G,I will send you another private message in regards to the last response I left with you as soon as possible Thanks again to all!

Agape Brother Steve,


I have brother's Stewart and Daniel' email address.

pls respond asap as they are publicly posted per Bro. Stewart's last post.


additional info posted on the board.  

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