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Jehovah`s Witness/Brother Grünbaum ,Brother Steve and Stewart have an announcement


agape Sister T,brother Grünbaum says you have emailed him along with bro Rando and several others from this site as well as myself since he left this site,eddie G helped me get his email which is why were contacting you with this new info,the 3 of us have been discussing the 40 year pattern and as you know speculated on when the GT will hit based on the patterns in the past.So there has been a change in our speculation as the following emails will reveal ,please note Benyamin Grünbaum himself from the Watchtower is on board with this new updated view.

Hi again Bro. Stewart! Agape. It just dawned on me that in 1975 the Faithful Slave were expecting the end to possibly happend on Oct 1st according to the bible chronology.So maybe you and Bro G. can give me some input to WHY end would not come instead on Oct 1st of 2015 to complete the FULL 40 years of Test and Cleanse for the our Jehovahs Witness Orgenization,since Oct 1st 1975 was a starting point to the new 40 for the Other Sheep? Also according to what you sent me on the Feast of Trumpets, it would be no surprise to me tat in the year 1935,the New'Harvest' may have started on Oct 1st and on to bring out the 'Other Sheep'(Earthly Ones),since on Oct 1st of 1914,the harvest began accordingly for the last of the Anointed of 1914 to 1935 group to get baptized at latest of the

months of Nissan March/April of 1934 and partake at latest the following year on Nissan of 1935. By the way,


test a theory out to see on about 5 Brothers who have claimed to have the Heavenly Call but know NOTHING of my 40 pattern discussion,and when I asked them,"Do you clearly remember what month Exaclty of the year you were more than sure you had the Heavenly calling that you just has not a doubt in you heart?" And 3 of them said them said it hit them on the month of OCT,and the other 2 said the month of April!! Now want you to know something that NONE of these brothers even know each other cause the all live a round the US nowhere close to each other. Some didnt even know what significance that meant,just that it were those months and theyve never forgot that feeling cause the Spirit of Jehovah made it very clear to them in a very special way. My observation after hearing all their personal comments, was that Jesus was

'Anointed'' with Holy Spirit and became a"Son of God" a second time on this month or season in Oct. Also

same with

those at pentecost who were all is the season or month of Nissan some where around March/April when Jehovah called too with holy spirit. This something Jehovah our Father may have been doing ever since without our even noticed of it on these months or seasons of Oct and March/April as a pattern all this time. Coincedence or simply planned events my brother? your thoughts. Agape

Bro Steve Agape love to you,
Something you said got me to thinking

{ "It just dawned on me that in 1975 the Faithful Slave were expecting the end to possibly happend on Oct 1st according to the bible chronology.So maybe you and Bro G. can give me some input "]

You are a Prophet as well because of that statement I have to ajust the date of Oct 1 2014 as the start of the GT as I once thought,I contacted Prophet G just mentioned I needed to run by you my update so he is waiting.
OK, we are on the right track but the dates and months could be off,both months God has acted on but the actual end would have to be October 1st 2015 for several reasons which mean the GT cant start Oct 2014 like I first thought,what got me to thinking was the Watchtower study last Sunday and then your statement.
The update will still be in harmony with the total eclipses thats coming
April 4, 2015 total lunar eclipse , Jehovah's Witnesses memorial 2015: April 3

This is the only one that I'm concerned with because I now believe this is the one Jesus was speaking of when he said:
(Matthew 24:29) . ..Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light,. . .

Our memorial is April 3rd 2015 which I now believe is the date of the Great Tribulation then the very next day is the April 4, 2015 total lunar eclipse and that would harmonize with Jesus words Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light,.

Its good we have been discussing this you and Prophet Grünbaum because we want this to be correct
so we need your input prophet Steve before we post the update on Allexperts ,this is a summary of both dates and the revision:
Oct 8th 2014 the start of the GT and memorial night 2015 the start of the 1,000 year New World
Memorial April 3rd 2015 the start of the GT and October 1st the first day of the new world of 1,000 years.

Why the revision? its because of several emails from Prophet
Benyamin Grünbaum and what he said about Eve and when 6,000 years are up.along with the 40 year pattern.

Benyamin Grünbaum in an email yesterday said Eve was the last of Jehovah's earthy creations :

it-1 p. 771 Eve ***
"last reported of God’s earthly creative works."

So that date would have to harmonize with Adams 40 year test and since both were created in the Jewish month of Ethinum October then his 40 year would only be up at Eve creation.and the start of the 7th day right after the marrige of Adam and Eve in paradise.
The month of October as we learned in our last Watchtower study is the festival of booths and that would be the logical month for the start of the New System eventhough as we have been discussing in these emails Israel entered the promiced land Nisan 14 but Noah after the world of mankind was destroyed stepped on to a new earth in Ethanim and it will be the same for us and billions as we learned in our last Wathtower study will be slain,the logical month would be the same as Noah which has been compared to the last days.
Prophet Steve as I said brother Grünbaum is waitning on your reply and thoughts before I will post on Allexperts this updated info,he wants it to be right as well as I THATS WHY ITS GOOD WE HAVE STILL BEEN ACTIVE IN THIS 40 YEAR DISSCUSION.

Bro G is waiting for the finish product between us so lets go over a few thing here,you said:
"But then the question is what year did that close the 6th Creative Day and when was the New year that took them into the 7th Day paralleling our 1000yr reign? "
The 7th day Gods rest day began right after he created Eve so Adam created 4026, Eve 3986 ,6000 years is 2015.
The whole point is Gods rest day the 7th 7,000 year week began after Eve was created
You said:
"Satan went for the kill to decieve Eve on Oct"
No, remember she was just created in that month same as Adam as his 40 years would have been full in the same month he was created Oct,so she wouldn't have sinned the same month she was created,or it could have been a year later but prophet G and myself believe the sin was in Nisan,the same month it was paid for by Jesus,but in any event all this happned during the beginning of the 7th day.

My revision is based on October being the start of the 1,000 years not Nisan 14 ,even though Israel wandered 40 years then entered their promise,we have wandered 40 years since 1975 but ours is different in that it preceads a world destruction as did Noah,and our time was compared to the days of Noah by Jesus not Israel entering the promice land,its strange that I could change the date and the lunar equlips still line up exactly right after our 2015 memorial the very next day.

So lets go over it again.Adam was created 4026,he wandered alone 40 years then Eve was created ,that brought the close of the 6th day.

Adam we know was 6,000 years old in 1975 + 40 years then Eve is 6,000 in 2015.
That means that is a full 6,000 years into Gods rest day with 1,000 left reserved for the new system,so it has to be in 2015 not 2016,and the GT has to outbreak in 2015 Nisan with the full limit of time out in Oct 1st 2015

I had it incorrect by the GT starting in Oct 2014 with the new world starting in nisan 2015,see because time would still be going on the 6,000 years into the 7th day,Eve was not created on nisan but at the full limit of the 40 years from Adam which had to be Oct 1st ,so Oct 1st 2015 is full 6,000 years into Gods rest day with 1,000 left.
I need your thoughts Prophet Steve

Hi Bro. Stewart! Ok things are starting to make more sense as I see it now. So Eve could have remained faithful since the time of her creation in the yr of 3986 B.C.E. on Oct 1st, and even I agree with you too that Adam passed us into sin in the month of Nisan in the following year of 3985 B.C.E. ALREADY INTO the 7th Day since the month of Oct 1st. And this event where Adam sinned sometime just six months or so later on Nisan doesn't matter, its the MONTH OF EVES CREATION ON 3986 B.C.E. THAT'S MATTERS!!! This leaves us still on the month where no one knew the day or the hour of Feast of  Trumpets and Festival of Booths. Awesome. Now when you think of it, it now makes sense that at Rev 12:12 ...." the Devil (Satan) has come down to YOU, KNOWING HE HAS A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME." It makes sense Bro. Stewart,because he the 'Anointed Cherub' that was covering, was right there watching his big brother Michael/Jesus the whole time with the creating of Eve with Jehovah's blue prints on what to do. And now all eyes from heaven were observing what was to come about with this new creation of humans with the procreation mandate as Adam and Eve entered the 7th day immediatley after Eves creation in Oct 1st of 3986 B.C.E. . So how could Jesus and All the Rest of the angels not have known the time!!?, Its impossible not to know,when you were there the whole time! And plus when you think about it,Festivals that Jehovah incorporated weren't happening then,cause they didn't need them until thousand of years later to set the seasons that came after the flood. So Brother Stewart Im with you that the GT starts Nisan 2015 and goes into the time of Oct 1st of 2015 where no one knew the day or the hour. Your thoughts Brother. And please let me know what Bro G. comes up with.

Agape brotherly love from all 4 of us,Benyamin Grünbaum me Sal and  brother Steve

Agape Bro Stewart!!  I am so elated!!!  Christian love to you, Bro G & Bro Steve!  Thank you for sharing these exciting conclusions.  When Bro. G left I so missed reading the exchanges between you, him and Brother Steve and others.  

I keep thinking about the Scripture at Amos 3:7 "For the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will not do a thing unless he has revealed his confidential matter to his servants the prophets"

We are Jehovah's modern day prophets, as in speaking about his pronouncements, and this scripture encompasses all things, not everything except the GT leading to Armageddon, but it says he will not do a thing unless he reveals it!  God is a revealer of secrets! (Dan 2:47)  once the GT starts, we know Armageddon is right around the corner, as it will be cut short on account of the chosen ones. (Matt 24:2)

I was thinking too, keeping in expectation of something and keeping on watch means that a person who is keeping on watch will see something before it actually arrives, so as to be ready!  (Hab 2:3)  

And that makes me think of this eye opening scripture

1 Thes. 5:4 "But YOU, brothers, YOU are not in darkness, so that that day should overtake YOU as it would thieves"

We know how fast things can move and situations can change over night, from one extreme to the next, so this is not far fetched, and I also see the UN with their enforcing peace agenda by any means necessary, I see things lining up and our God Jehovah is a God of ORDER....everything is done by order, why would he change his order?  He doesn't change, he has a pattern, we've seen them, we've been well into the 'signs' of Jesus' prophecy for some decades now, all the signs are being fulfilled on a World wide basis on OVERFLOW....even people who don't believe what we say knows this world is horrible, but people want to turn a blind eye to reality and try to smooth it over.   

Everything we need is in the Bible, the past present and future is all right there and is why Jehovah doesn't send his angels anymore, all we need is right there, so why wouldn't that be there too, it just would be revealed at the right time, and now is the perfect time.  

I look forward to hearing ANY AND ALL information, Bro. G, has my email....

Thanks so much for sending this Bro Stewart, Send my love to all, you, Bro Steve, Bro G, and Sal!  I love you all dearly!!


Sister T  

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