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Good Day EddieG

I read from the "Insight on the Scriptures" online about FASTING and the last part I've read was this statement:

"Christians are neither under command to fast nor prohibited from doing so.—Ro 14:5, 6."


My question, why JW's choose not to FAST? I mean, that's how I knew about them though it's a common thing to my religion.?

Hi Dave,

Sure you can fast. Any one of Jehovah's Witnesses can fast. I sometimes fast. Only difference with our fasting vs other religious groups is that our fasting is for health reasons or any other reasons OTHER than religious reasons. No one should judge you for that.

And that's the point of Romans 14:5, 6.

Since Christians are no longer under the Mosaic Law (Law of Moses), the apostle Paul made no distinction about days or what to eat, what not to eat or to eat or not to eat. As long as the person is clean in God's eyes, his / her thanksgivings are acceptable to God.  

“. . .One [man] judges one day as above another; another [man] judges one day as all others; let each [man] be fully convinced in his own mind. 6 He who observes the day observes it to Jehovah. Also, he who eats, eats to Jehovah, for he gives thanks to God; and he who does not eat does not eat to Jehovah, and yet gives thanks to God.” (Romans 14:5, 6)

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