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Hello Bro. G. I study the Bible with JW's and I began to know more truths about Jehovah and Jesus Christ. I do not believe in 'eternal burning hellfire' yet, this is my question. What is eternal burning hellfire? How do you explain Revelation 20:10 and also 14 and 15 and also other Bible verses who they connect to 'eternal burning hellfire.' Bro. G, please help those who want to know the truth about the word of God, the Bible. I will going to forward your answer to the 'eternal burning hellfire' believer. And I hope they will see the truth. Thank you very much Bro. G. May Jehovah wrote the answer for them. Take care.

Hello Jason,

Thank you for writing.

Since Sister T already gave an excellent answer to your question (about hell), I only have this to add - by way of leading questions:

That is:

If God is Love why would he torture anyone in a burning place called "hell fire" for all eternity? Is this a loving act of a loving God or someone who despises justice?

After all, where's justice if the punishment doesn't equal the crime?

Would you serve a God lovingly and longingly for all eternity while at the same time knowing that he's also torturing people in "fiery place" called hell for all eternity?

What if the one being tortured is your brother or sister or even your parents, how would you feel about serving and loving such God?

If there's such a fiery place called "hell", who created it?

If it's Jehovah God, for what purpose? Is it to burn people or torture people for all eternity?

If there's such a fiery place called "hell", who is in charge over it? Is it God or Satan?

If God then why blame Satan?

If Satan, who put him there?

If God put Satan in charge of "hell" is Satan then a co-worker of God?

If so then why are they enemies as Bible clearly say.

Bottom line the "hell fire" doctrine doesn't make sense because it's a man made doctrine promoted by the liar Satan. Those believing this doctrine are being lied to and being taken as a fool.

After all can anyone buy their way out of "hell fire" or "purgatory" (if it really exist) just because the priest says so - as if they have the power to forgive sins?

None sense.

Hope this helps.

Keep up with your studies Jason and say Agape please to brothers where you're at Jason.  

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