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Since you're good in Logic, how can you void this Logic from the TRINITARIAN?

Such as:

"If you're father is a MAN, then what are you? Clearly, you're a MAN too having his COMPLETE BEING as a MAN no more no less. So the same with JESUS since he claimed that He's the SON OF GOD. So His Father is a GOD then so is JESUS having his COMPLETE BEING too."

And this....

"Adam and eve was said to be as ONE in the FLESH by GOD. So it's obvious, that in the sight of GOD, eventhough you're separated with one another, or even distinct, yet you can still be ONE in his standpoint. So as the TRINITY. 3 persons yet 1 God."

Lastly, can you also void the Logic of an EGG and WATER comparison? Like in water, water has 3 states the SOLID, LIQUID, and GAS even though they're different in state, yet they're still WATER.

Looking forward

Hello there and thanks for writing and also thanks for saying that I'm good with logic, all glory to my God Jehovah.  

I just had to laugh at the supposed logic of this Trinitarian person, it's really not logic at all, but word trickery and desperation trying to make a demon inspired man made doctrine be true, when in fact it's no where near true or logical, and is why the Trinity is referred to as a Mystery.  If it were logical it would be no reason for it to be referred to as a mystery in the first place, now would it?  God is not a mystery!

We know that the Bible was written "aforetime for our instruction" (Romans 15:4) and God used men to pen the Bible so that we as people could relate to everything that was being said.  When you are given instructions about something, it helps you to understand it, it may be gradual and you may get a wrong understanding with some things regarding prophecies, but other then that it's plain as day as to who Jehovah is and who Jesus, his son, is.  

Why give us a mystery that can never be understood with logic, and then say it's instructions for us?  How can scriptures be for teaching and setting things straight (2 Tim 3:16,17) if the God of the Bible makes himself a complete mystery that can't be explained by logic?  Yet God gave us logic, why give us logic if we aren't supposed to use it?  Makes absolutely no sense.  

No one can really relate to the Trinity and is why it's called a Mystery, they can act like they can, but we know better. Not only is the Trinity all over the place with confusion, different religions have different meanings and beliefs for what it's supposed to mean.  But the Bible should have the final say, not a man, the Bible tells us that God is not a God of disorder! (1 Cor. 14:33)  The Trinity is of disorder, why?  Because it can't be explained scripturally, nor logically, so people are willing to settle for saying it's a mystery in order to not have to try  to explain the tons of scriptures that do not go along with this false teaching. Let's get started....

"If you're father is a MAN, then what are you? Clearly, you're a MAN too having his COMPLETE BEING as a MAN no more no less. So the same with JESUS since he claimed that He's the SON OF GOD. So His Father is a GOD then so is JESUS having his COMPLETE BEING too."

Well this is really sad, first, let me say, my father is a man, but guess what?  I'm a woman.

A person can not have or be another person's complete being, each person is an individual and takes up space, a complete person, a Father can never be his son, and a son can never be his Father, period.  The son came out from the Father, so just because they are both MEN, does not in any way make them equal or the same complete being.  Two men who are Father and Son, doesn't mean the Father is the son and the son is the Father, that's why we have a distinction to begin with.  If they were both the same, then why use the term Father and Son at all?  Why not say Two Fathers?  And still that doesn't make them the same complete being.  But we know that the Bible tells us, it's not Two Fathers, it's Father and Son, and we as people should have enough sense to know what a Father and Son relationship entails.  The Father is superior to the son.  As Jesus himself said, my Father is Greater than I am.  (John 14:28)Also:(Mr 12:29; Ro 3:29, 30; 1Co 8:6; Eph 4:4-6; 1Ti 2:5; 1 Cor 11:3)

Now Jesus is referred to as a Mighty God, (Isa 9:6) as God means Mighty One.  Satan is called a god in the Bible too, is he too Almighty God?  (2 Cor. 4:4) There is only ONE Almighty God, (Rev 4:8)but there are many gods and many lords the Bible says, but only ONE God the Father (1 Cor. 8:5,6) No where in the Bible does Jesus refer to himself as Almighty God or as being the Father.  

But Jesus is a complete being as being himself, no one else is Jesus and no one else is Jehovah, thus they both have different names and have different wills because you can not be combined and distinct at the same time (Luke 22:41,42; John 5:19; John 13:16)  So a human Father is not a complete being of his son and neither is a human son a complete being of his Father.  

We learn in school what?  Matter takes up space, two things that take up space cannot occupy the same space.  The Bible says if there is a physical body there is a spiritual body, it's just invisible, as God himself is invisible, a spirit. (1 Cor. 15:44; John 4:24), therefore God has a spirit body, if God did not have a form he would not have a dwelling place but the Bible says God does have a place of dwelling (1 Kings 8:43).  And to dwell some where means you would have to take up space.

Even the air, which is invisible, takes up space, if a person holds their breath and opens their mouth under water in a swimming pool, water does not rush in, why?  Because there is air that is taking up that space already.

Therefore not on earth or any place else can there be two separate bodies having the same complete being!  That would mean that matter can be in the same place at the same time, or that matter can occupy matter, but it can't.  It's word trickery and fails miserably and makes no sense whatsoever, I mean do they really actually understand what that means, I don't think they understand what that really entails, there's no way.  Even Siamese twins don't have the same complete being as one another.  Who thought that one up?  They need to be ashamed!!

"Adam and eve was said to be as ONE in the FLESH by GOD. So it's obvious, that in the sight of GOD, eventhough you're separated with one another, or even distinct, yet you can still be ONE in his standpoint. So as the TRINITY. 3 persons yet 1 God."

There is no way that there is any logic in that whatsoever!  Again word trickery.  It's obvious that they become one flesh from the stand point of being in COMPLETE HARMONY with one another, as the Bible says a man will leave his father and mother, it's him and his wife now, she's his priority and they are to work in harmony or be in union with one another.  

Just like Jesus said that he wanted his apostles to be one just as he was one with his Father,(John 17:20-23) that right there helps one to know that Jesus and his Father are not 3 persons yet one God.  The key words here are just as we are one. It goes on to speak about their unity.

Common sense says no husband and wife nor any of the apostles became each other, or fused into each other changing chemical make up and became 12 apostles yet just 1 apostle.  A man does not become a woman and a woman does not become a man because they get married nor do they fuse into some weird blob of matter, has anyone who has gotten married ever seen that happen before?  Nope, because it will never happen.  Being as one is in the sense of being in total agreement.  Complete harmony to the point of not having separation regarding ideas and thoughts, as Jesus himself says he does nothing of his own initiative only what he beholds his father doing. (John 5:19)  So since he does NOTHING of his own, then he can rightly say, he and his Father are one, and it's beyond clear that it's one in unity, nothing more, nothing less.

Someone I once knew had a very close friend, they were closer to that person then to their own fleshly brothers.  And they thought just alike, and is why they would always say that they were one in the same, they said they were the same person.  Well were they REALLY the same person, or would a person use their brain and know that they mean they are in complete agreement with one another.   

Lastly, can you also void the Logic of an EGG and WATER comparison? Like in water, water has 3 states the SOLID, LIQUID, and GAS even though they're different in state, yet they're still WATER.

I'm not sure I understand, what about the egg? Are you talking about osmosis as when an egg is immersed in water or some type of liquid?  That proves nothing as the mass of the egg changes, the egg doesn't become water, and the water doesn't become an egg.  The same space is not occupied because the mass of the egg changes.  

I don't get the point of this one at all, but here we go...that part is true, the Water is STILL WATER, it didn't change into dirt or a slice of pizza, it changes physically, water can be a solid, liquid, or gas, but it's still water, it did not make a chemical change and become something completely different.  It's water regardless of what physical state it's in.  If that ice cube melts, it's going to melt and be what?  A piece of chicken?  No it's going to melt and be water, water as a gas collects on a cup because there is water in the air, and it drips down and is water...not a milkshake.  It's still water, so I guess I'm not understanding the point?

Are they trying to say that Jesus is God because they want him to be a Father, Son, and holy spirit?  If that's what is trying to be said, then again, it would have to be a chemical change too, not just a physical change as with water being able to be liquid, solid, and gas, in order to try and make Jesus be the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, which is God's active force...Again that water being in a different state still doesn't prove that Jesus is God or that God becomes lesser then himself. Why?  Because God is Almighty, he would have to change chemically and physically in order to not be Almighty anymore, the only way he could be a man, as Jesus clearly was, is if he is no longer Almighty.  Can't be both, can't toggle back and forth either, otherwise, he wouldn't be Almighty then.

If God is lesser at any time, he can not be Almighty, being ALMIGHTY means just what it says, ALMIGHTY, not less than anything else or at any time, ever.  But we know that Jesus became a man, the Bible says God is not a man (Num 23:19) Jesus was made lower then angels by someone. (Heb 2:7) Jesus was born a baby and could not care for himself, someone else had to transfer Jesus to Mary's womb, if Mary did not care for Jesus properly, feed him and care for all his needs, what would have happened to him as a baby?  Obviously he could die as he did as a man, so he could also die as a baby and is why God warned Joseph in a dream to get up and leave because Herod was searching to kill Jesus. (Matt 2:13) Can a mere man kill Almighty God? What would be the point for them to get up and flee from a man if he was fully God while being man, yet he was a baby though, so if he's supposed to be fully man and fully God at all times, then no one would have been able to kill him and there would be no need to even leave.  

Does that sound like Almightiness to you?  No it's not.  And there is no way a person can make Jehovah be a baby, needing his diaper changed, needing anything, He's self contained, having to rely on an imperfect human for survival, be tempted, does one really think there is something in which to tempt Almighty God, what can you tempt Him with? and to actually die, Can God be Almighty if he ever died or any part of him died?  So they are in fact saying he stopped being fully God Almighty when he died as man, then somehow became Almighty again and raised himself back to life, can't be Almighty if that were the case.  How can he be Almighty having no beginning or end if he died?  Makes no sense and would nullify the ALMIGHTY part completely.

Can God be truly Almighty if his power is limited?  If Jesus is Almighty God, then why did he feel power go out of him? (Mark 5:30, Luke 8:46) Obviously if his power can be made less, it's limited, he is not Almighty. Jehovah is Almighty because his power is unlimited and he gave Jesus the power to heal. (Luke 5:17, also see Isa 40:26)  

Jehovah is Jehovah, He said that is his name forever (Ex 3:15) he did not say anywhere that he changed his name to Jesus, but what the Bible does say is God does not change(Mal 3:6) so why would he change his name to Jesus when he said Jehovah is his name FOREVER? Having many titles and many names are two different things, yes, God has many titles, but just one name.  So are they saying God is lying to us about his name, being deceptive about who he really is?  The Bible says God cannot lie (Titus 1:2, Heb 6:18)

Jesus' name means 'Jehovah is Salvation'.  Just like Joshua means 'Jehovah is Salvation' is Joshua now Jehovah too?  There is only ONE Jehovah, Jesus himself said this (Mark 12:29) no where do we read in the Bible that Jehovah is 3 persons in 1 God, it says one, period, not 3 persons yet 1 can't even do math to that made up equation!  

1 Person + 1 Person + 1 Person = 1 God....last time I checked 1+1+1=3.  

The Earth is so in harmony mathematically, as God made it to be, that people can land on the moon, yet the earth is moving and so is the moon.  How do they do it?  Because of the precise timing of when the moon will be at a certain spot and the earth's rotation, they point the rocket to that spot, not at the moon, and by the time the rocket gets all the way up there to that spot, the moon is meeting them so that the rocket lands on the moon, astronauts stake their very lives on that math.  Man didn't make that precise equation but they can use it to get to the moon, which will always be on time and has never been late, calculation times with precise precision!! No astronaut ever said when our rocket got there the moon hadn't come yet it was late, so we just kept right on going.  But then some one wants to come along and say 1+1+1=1??  What an insult to the complete harmony and precise math equations that God put into place!!!  What a slap to God's ultimate intelligence and mathematical genius!  

Every time people sit up and believe that 3=1, Satan is laughing so hard his sides is probably splitting, but yet, so many people believe that lie, why?  The Bible tells us, their minds are blinded, that scripture wasn't written for nothing, it's for real (2 Cor. 4:4) It's a shame because the Trinity is not true and never has been and never will be and can't be proved from the Bible, or human logic, can a person rightfully say that their thoughts and ideas are more better than God's?  That their math is more better than God's?  The Bible does not teach the Trinity and neither do those supposed logical 3 questions prove the Trinity, it just proves stupidity and grasping at straws where ever possible, sad to say.   

That's why the Bible says this and it speaks VOLUMES:

Romans 10:2,3 "For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God; but not according to accurate knowledge; 3 for, because of not knowing the righteousness of God but seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God."

John 8:32 "and YOU will know the truth, and the truth will set YOU free"

I hope this is helpful, have wonderful day...

Sister T  

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