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Hey Bro Eddie G,Hope your doing good. What role would an agenda play out for a New World Order by the United Nations in relation to Peace and Security to the World in connection to the Great Tribulation? Agape my brother.

Hi Bro. Steve,

Like I said in your other post - the "NWO" is a new platform for the western nations in response to the BRICS economic plan.

Will this economic "NWO" become a reality?

Well, based on the strength or weakness (depending on how you look at it) of the BRICS nations, it seems that there's no way for them to topple the current world currency. So this economic NWO might become a reality - if there's really a need for it.

As for the U.N's role on this - I can see it as a deciding factor (a forum as mentioned) to decide who will be the global standard in the coming years.

And since the U.N gets major funding from the U.S and its allies - who do you think will be the winner?

But whatever the outcome (of the decision) - the U.N comes out stronger.

A stronger U.N means more power to implement its goal of world "peace and security".

Keep on the watch!  

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