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So the end is supposed to be in Oct. 2014. Well, has anyone informed the Society, because last night we were informed of the international conventions that are taking place all over the world in 2014, not 2013. Philpines, Africa, Mexico City & few other places. The friends were so excited, because some of them will be able to go. Nice. All this speculating about the end, didn't the bible say, nobody knows except God, not even Jesus. So God didn't even tell Jesus/himself.
So, next year at this time if we are still here, that would be nice too...Why are the witnesses so focused on the end, why not preach & teach until the end comes..could it be they are tired & have exhausted the territories & nobody is biting so, they are tired & want the end to come..What I really wonder is the ones that have been witnesses for a long time & maybe 50 or 60 yrs. have passed, why do they think when each & every meeting is about the end's right around the corner...wonder what they REALLY THINK & KEEP THEIR THOUGHTS TO THEIRSELVES..
Hope to hear from you soon...sorry, been out touch for a while. Many changes at my job..Hope all is well with you. Do you miss Mr. Grumbaum (spelling)?

Take Care,


ANSWER: Hello, Dee.  Long time, no hear.  

You know, I am glad you wrote, because I was wondering what, if anything, was being said on the congregational level, in regards to 2014.  I was tempted to ask my mom about it, as she is still an active JW.  I simply wanted to know if this is merely the ideas of some of the readers of this board, or if this is something that is "buzzing" around in the Kingdom Halls, as well.  I figured if it ISN'T something that the average Witness is talking about, my mom would just give me the "You know the internet is full of apostates, who are pretending to be Witnesses, just to give Jehovah's Organization a bad name", lecture.  And I suppose there ARE such people out there, but I also believe that the ones here who are promoting it, are in fact, REAL JWs.  

Can you tell me if you have heard ANYTHING in your congregation about this, or is all you have heard about it, what has been spoken on this board?

Yes, the Bible DOES say that nobody knows the day nor the hour.  Scripturally, about the best we can know, is the SEASON.  If you ask me the exact time of the next snowfall in my area in 2013, there is no way I can precisely tell you that.  I CAN tell you that, when the leaves start falling from the trees, and the temperatures turn cold, then the SEASON is near.  But that is about it.  We are given signs, many of which the JWs ignore, in regards to Israel, because they think THEY are Israel!  

Now, I have seen several somewhat weak attempts to explain away this very clear passage of Scripture, but their arguments just won't hold water.  They have missed every single prediction before, and they are going to miss this one.  And that is regrettable, because all they had to do, was LISTEN to the Scriptures, and not predict/speculate about a certain date.  

Furthermore, what they fail to realize, is that their OWN teaching about the "faithful and discreet slave", completely contradicts them predicting a time for the Tribulation and the end-times events.  Why?  Simple...the very passage that TALKS about the "faithful and discreet slave" in Matthew 24, ALSO indicates that the "slave" did not KNOW when his Lord was returning!  How they miss that, is a mystery to me.

So, I am certainly not saying we are not in the end times.  I believe we certainly are.  Do I believe that Jesus is coming for His church?  Yes!  Do I believe that we are nearing that time?  Absolutely!  Do I think the WT even has the CORRECT interpretation of end-time events?  Nope.  Do I believe that they have a Scriptural leg to stand on, when they claim that only THEY will be spared?  Uhm, no.  First of all, the Scripture never teaches one single word about an Organization having anything to do with being saved.  I have heard some of these zealous, but not very knowledgable Witnesses here, talking about the Organization being the "place to go", and even seen the Organization compared to Jehovah God Himself!  

But sadly, I cannot recall seeing ANY of them telling someone to come to JESUS CHRIST, like the Bible says we must do.  

As for WHY they are making these speculations, I cannot answer for them individually.  Some are being very cautious, and some are not being cautious in the least.  But NONE of them know the timing, and it is folly for them to think that they do.  Maybe they think it makes them appear to have some sort of special "insight" into the Scriptures?  Either way, I will be curious to see if these same people will address their own folly, when October of 2014 also passes without the predictions coming to pass.

Do I miss Mr. Grunbaum?  In a way, yes.  We had strong disagreements, but there was a certain amount of regard between us, for the other.  I have corresponded with him some in Private, and the comments have been very friendly, and even showinga mutual compassion for the other's spiritual well-being.  My respect for him has gone up and down, due to various things.  But I do not dislike the man, nor wish him anything but the best.  That is about all I can say about that.  

Hope you are doing well.  Me, I am okay, although I am somewhat burdened about the pending death of a close friend of mine, from cancer.  He is 37 years old, and has 2 children, and has been given 2 weeks.  One thing about it, is that he loves His Savior, and is ready to meet Him.  Still, its tough on those who are left here.  But other than that, yes, I am doing well.  Take care, Dee.  So good to hear from you.


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QUESTION: Hi Derrick,
Hope all is well. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Sometimes life gets in the way...How are things with your friend. I know this is a difficult time for you. If you don't get back to me for a while that's ok. As far as I know, no news about 2014. Yes, they are still saying we are in the last days. They will never stop that chant, THE END is the foundation of the witnesses, without that, one day just leads into another. No purpose..just knocking on doors, day after day.  If you take that away from them....then what. As I told you, we were notified of the international conventions for 2014. So is the end in 2014, nope, don't think so..& The Bible says, neither the Angels or the Son, know the hour only God himself..& he ain't telling..Although Jesus did tell us the signs to look for..& we see unfolding before our very eyes...but as he says, these are the birth pangs. Derrick all we can do is be ready & that's what the parable of the Faithful Discreet ready when the master comes. I'm still studying & hope to be baptized. I love the friends & they love me. Some don't come to the meetings but when I don't come they really miss me..they always ask if I'm way it's good & another not so good. Sometimes I just want to be a spoke in the wheel but that's not the case for me...God has blessed me with a good nature. I find most of the friends love to talk to me. I try to be encouraging & uplifting...this is what we are constantly told, to put up with one another. Many of the friends are nice, but some are strange, but that's anywhere...Most folks that go to churches, halls are pretty much the same what is the difference is the doctrine..There is still the sister that puts her bag in the seat next to her & every meeting she has to be told to move it (most likely doesn't want anyone to sit next to her), it's not like the hall doesn't get crowded. Then there is the brother, that falls asleep or checking out the females (but trying not to be so obvious)..I'm glad you and Mr. Grunbaum are ok with each other, no matter what your views the saying goes..agree to disagree..I think in one of the scriptures, the disciples run & tell Jesus that there are folks out there that didn't follow them but rebuking demons & so on..Jesus said, well if they ain't against us, they must be for me that is a lesson on differences that are the same..If you believe in God/Jesus but don't follow the same doctrine as someone else..does that make them better or different..we all want God's Kingdom & most of us know how to go about it but get angry when folks don't do it our way..example..a child is left handed, you come along cuz you are not left handed & can't even try to be, you keep taking the pen from the child & say, write this's better for you...but everytime they try, just can't do it..they are truly left handed..again you try to take the pen & tell them to try to write right handed like yourself, they try & try, but can't & even though they can write better left your eyes it's you know what..the child finally puts down the pen & no longer tries to write..Get my drift...the same as it my way because your way it's write (right). So, the hall isn't talking about 2014, well they are but not in the way of the end..I wonder how a person that is in their 80's feel since they been preaching the end of years..Talk on you soon.


Hello, Dee.  I hope you are well.  Please forgive me for being so slow in getting back to you.  I have had one of the busiest, and worst weeks of my life.  You asked about my friend....Sadly, he passed away yesterday evening at 6:30, at the age of 36.  He would have been 37 in less than 2 weeks.  He had battled cancer for the past 2 years, and took a bad turn the past few weeks.  In the 2 years I have known him, we had become very good friends, and truthfully, I am quite sad at this time.  But one thing about it....There is no doubt in my mind that he is with His Savior.  Paul said that "to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord".  He was known by everyone, as one of the most devout and dedicated Christians that most of us have ever known.  He had surrendered his life to Christ just before his cancer diagnosis, but he never got bitter, never lost faith, and not once did I ever hear him ask "Why me?"  His attitude to the end, was that he would use any situation he faced, to glorify his God, and influence others for Christ.  And that he did.

Dee, you are absolutely correct that all we can do, is to be ready for Christ's return, when it happens.  Nobody has any insight into the exact timing.  What we have, are signs and prophecies being fulfilled, letting us know that the season is here, and His return is nearing.  But to pin-point a month, a day, or even a year.....Nobody has the right, nor authority to do that.  I honestly think some of these people just have this inner need, to make themselves appear more spiritual, or insightful, than other people.  And when their prediction fails to happen, they will only look foolish.  How much better off they would have been, had they just lived their lives for Christ every day, instead of trying to convince people that they know something the Bible teaches they do NOT know.

You mentioned the conventions scheduled for 2014....I seem to remember a Witness awhile back (don't remember which one it was), indicating the possibility that the conventions will be Jehovah's way of having "everyone together in a safe place", when the end comes.  Wow...I hate to think about the poor Witness who can't make the convention, maybe due to illness, or something.  

You are also correct that there are some who simply cannot comprehend that others who don't see everything THEIR way, actually may truly love God too.  That is wicked human nature for you....we like to set ourselves up as bosses over everyone else.  Makes us feel important, I guess.  

Anyway, sorry to make this short, but I have a long day tomorrow.  Have to work, come home and work some more, then head to the funeral home to see my friend one last time....:(

Take care, Dee.  Have a wonderful evening.


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