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Hello Brother Eddie G: I was reading your correspondence with Brother DW regarding UN resolution 2098. I too have watched the video, but was not quite as shocked or alarmed by it.

Now as I do understand the Witness belief that the UN will play a key role in things(which I do not fully disagree); I would pay close attention to NATO and the International Court.

Now, as I said, I do not fully disagree with the position or belief, for in mainstream(other than catholic) eschatology, just as the 40 year pattern and festival of feasts patterns are taught, so is it taught and believed that the UN will have a role.

There are factors that would prevent them from being able to accomplish a ban on religion. Since 2004 there has been a resolution proposed to the UN that would in effect ban public expression of religion or practice. However, due to the fact that most of the UN members are of "Religious" states there is not and will not be enough votes to get something like this adopted. HOWEVER, the UN can impose such a thing if it is felt that a "certain" religion or practice itself presents a threat to the peace of a "certain" Nation.

Now we know through Prophecy that such a thing WILL WITHOUT DOUBT HAPPEN! So does the UN have a role? YES! But I believe it will be more of a role as lobbyist, at least at first.

Example: As the NATO troops go into other Nations on so called peace keeping missions and encounter different religious beliefs, if it is believed that the belief itself is causing the uprising against another, that would open the door for the UN to lobby for action to be taken against that religion.

This is where the International Court, which is the judicial arm of the UN, would come in to handle all legal aspects of the actions to be taken, prosecutions etc.

So the belief that the UN will ultimately be the entity that will handle things in this regard is "spot on",and it will be the NATO Troops who will be the so called "peace" keepers, that will uphold the new "International Law" in support of any military arm formed by the UN.

Where there may be a difference in belief is with the Catholic Church. I believe the Catholic church will be "Last" in things.
Reason?  The Catholic church; or should I say the "Vatican" is the ONLY religion that has a status of Non Member State and Permanent Observer in the UN.

As such the "Vatican" has great influence and plays the role of Lobbyist on several International Issues. The latest being the International Arms Trade Treaty. Now without even touching prophecy, history reveals very interesting facts about the Vatican role in things. As I do not wish to offend any, the facts are just that...facts:

Roman Empire and Catholicism: Persecution of all not agreeing with the Church.

Holocaust: Vatican behind persecution of the Jews at Auschwitz, other religious denominations not agreeing with Hitler, and yes...most notable the Jehovahs Witnesses.

The wars in Ireland between Catholics and Protestants.

These are just a few things from history, there are many more. They are significant, because all these things took place with the Vatican being in strong political power and influence, which it holds to this day.

So it is believed, at least in my circle of eschatologists, that it will be the Vatican, that will in effort to bring all under the "Catholic= Worldwide" church, that will be the major lobbyists and influence on world governments that will begin the destruction of religions. Because of her role in things, she herself will be "cut down" last.

If there are some differences and you have scriptures that I may need to consider, please forward them to me as you share your thoughts on things.

Now as I also read, that you, DW, Rando, Sister T and others may soon leave this site to devote more time to your door to door preaching...I bid you all farewell ahead of time, and that regardless of differences and how some things may have been perceived, there are no ill feelings and I pray that Jehovah keep you strong.

Look forward to hearing from you;


Rev. Darryl Murphy

Hello Mr. Murphy

I'm glad you're also following this unfolding event. I've been following it for a while now so I was quite floored when I saw the U.N. Security Council implement a resolution (2098/2013) without any fanfare or announcements. But like I and others said - this is a UNPRECEDENTED move by the U.N. world body for the simple fact that the body's main mission is to maintain/keep peace in a region - not an offensive threatening force. But like you said - it's not surprising since we already know that this will eventually lead to one goal - the establishment of "Peace and Security" world wide.

Still this was indeed a bold move that caught me by surprised when I read the report say!

"The UN Security Council last week strengthened MONUSCO’s capacity by authorizing the deployment of an intervention brigade that will carry out targeted offensive operations, with or without the Congolese national army, against armed groups that threaten peace in the eastern part of DRC."

"The Council and the United Nations had entered “new territory”.  MONUSCO’s troop contingents — whether part of the intervention brigade or not — must be willing and able to implement its entire mandate..."

And the way I see it, this "2098(2013)" resolution IS what set things in motion. I wouldn't be surprised in the coming months things will be moving - at fast pace. As the campaign moves forward (to "consolidate peace and security" in the Great Lakes), it will be very interesting to see how the U.N. body reacts to the results. Whether this will become “the recipe for success" (as they believe it is), remains to be seen. But the new task force dubbed "MONUSCO" might as well be the new launching platform for the U.N. to gain more power in the near future. The power to resolve other conflicts around the world. Who wouldn't want that? As member nations are encourage to see the results, I wouldn't be surprised at all that all members will now be more willing to further the cause by further strengthening of the U.N.'s peace keeping and fighting force (numbering around 19K). As this becomes the call, the Security Council will be transformed into a formidable body. With the backing of the United States and other nations it will indeed become a "world power ("the 8th King"). It will now have the "teeth" to implement any mandate agreed upon.


"The world is changing, and with it the demands on the United Nations. The UN provides a unique platform for international action. It offers unparalleled legitimacy for global engagement, owing to its universal membership; its inclusive decision-making processes; its unequalled reach; and its ability to provide critical services that are essential to international peace, security, stability and prosperity."


This part of the mandate is what gives it the legitimacy:

"It offers unparalleled legitimacy for global engagement, owing to its universal membership".

The "intervention brigade" is what gives it "teeth".

Whether this  “recipe for success" will be repeated or followed, again remains to be seen.

But this brings me to the point you raised. About the "banning" of religion. The U.N. can't ban religion per se because it's something inherent in man and it's intangible. People will worship as they wish in whatever capacity and way they want. Furthermore like you said, many of its members are "religious" themselves, so banning it won't be part of the agenda. The way I see it, it's more like the stripping off of power. The power that once enjoyed by its powerful leaders. They will be removed from their office of oversight - strip naked, exposed  like a "prostitute" as the prophecy foretells. Thus, like a "prostitute" she (they) will no longer be able to influence anyone - especially the "the kings of the earth and the military commanders" of the world. From thereon her (their) true face will be revealed. Her (their) shamefulness will be shown for all to see and the hatred for her will be such that she  will (they) worthless to anyone.   

The "peace and security" agenda will be its downfall as I see it. Here's why. Religious institutions will have no choice but to submit to the U.N. mandate. Failure to comply will result in some kind penalty - either monetary or like I said, lost of power. Of course they join in the crowd (to preserve themselves) but once the facade is revealed then nothing will stop the downfall. It's clear to see now.

In fact if we think about it carefully and analyze the situation with history and current evens in mind, our time is the "right time" for the prophetic events to unfold.


1) The U.N. body, is now a force to recon with. Never in history this happened.
2) The world situation is changing rapidly: economic uncertainly and possible collapse of the economy is right at the doorsteps of every nation. Church property is now being seen as a revenue source to help "solve" the economic problem.
3) Morality is now so low, especially among the new generation. Religious morals are being abandoned and challenged.
4) Religion is no longer seen as a force for good - but seen as a source of conflict - i.e. Christians vs Muslims, Muslims vs Hindu, Hindu vs Christian, Christian vs Christian, Muslim vs Muslim, etc. The introduction of nuclear armament at the hands of religious zealots makes this more alarming. I'm sure the U.N. has its eyes on this growing threat already.
5) The agenda to equate Gay marriage with established marriage (between a man and a woman) is now being promoted world wide. Who will be against such "equality"? Some "churches" are now adopting the same attitude.
6) Atheism is on the rise coupled with technological advancements makes religious fervor a challenge to all who professed to be religious.
7) Corruptions within churches - particularly within the RCC is making a mockery of religion.
8) Atrocities committed in the name of God/religion brings another nail to the "coffin".
9) Sexual abuse / crimes committed by religious leaders/members- another nail.
10) Ever growing anarchy, "love of the many are cooling off".

The list is long but the point is clear - religion as a force for good is on the wane. The support for her from the masses is no longer there. Just a matter of time when it becomes the prime target for anyone.

But the only body that can deliver a real blow to this institution worldwide is - the U.N. It has world clout and influence. It has the power by means of the Security Council. It can sanction, prevent, allow any nation or institution (or even a person) from "buying or selling" goods (Rev 13:16,17). Anyone not abiding by its rules / mandate is seen as non-conforming. And since all it's member nations are "signatories" to its preamble thus they are bound to abide by it laws and precepts ("the mark"). So puzzle is now being completed, only a few more pieces to go so to speak.

As for NATO - it's possible that they will be used in some capacity for maintaining "peace and security" (in their region) but I don't see it making a major role in the world scene. But I do see them as another platform from which the major world powers are vying for world domination. That is between the "communistic bloc" and the "capitalistic bloc". I don't see it playing a major role in the U.N.'s "peace and security" agenda.

But then again I might be wrong.

OK - it's getting long. I'll stop here.

Check with you later.  

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