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Jesus talks about The Kingdom of Heaven and He also talks about inheriting the Earth. Explain this?   
I believe in both kingdoms. 1000 years separates both kingdoms. The righteous go to both kingdoms.   What is your view?

There are not two kingdoms. The kingdom of the heavens, or the kingdom of God as it is also called, also the kingdom of Christ, is a government with Christ and his 144,000 kings and priests who are bought from the earth. The kingdom of Christ will crush Satan and destroy his kingdom over the earth. God's kingdom will then rule the earth for 1,000-years unimpeded by the demons. The result will be the all the works of the Devil will be destroyed, including death itself; so that by the end of the 1,000 years the earth will be a paradise and mankind will have been reformed and given a fresh start with the prospect of eternity set before them. The kingdom will make God's will done upon the earth, as it is in heaven, as Jesus instructed his followers to pray.

Here is a link to a Watchtower article on the topic of God's kingdom  

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